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March 2018

  • The Gangetic Dolphin: 'More on the Web of Ganga'

    The Gangetic Dolphin: 'More on the Web of Ganga'

    Susan M. Griffith-Jones

    The Gangetic Dolphin—More on the ‘Web of Ganga’ By Susan M. Griffith-Jones Visiting the city of Patna, in August 2017, marks the beginning of a new chapter for my Ganga research, sending my mind back to each of the journeys I’ve been on to get here,

  • Obsessed with the Decor

    Obsessed with the Decor

    Esparsh Sarawagi

    Obsessed with the Décor by Esparsh Sarawagi Strolling down the nooks and gallis of Patan has never bored me, and I have always felt that I am familiar with most of the places here. For me, Patan has mostly been about temples, shopping for unique knick-knacks

  • Nepal Art, Going International

    Nepal Art, Going International

    Swosti Rajbhandari Kayastha

    Nepal Art, Going International by Swosti Rajbhandari Kayastha Art fairs are on the rise globally! With the turn of the new century, art fairs, biennales, and triennials have multiplied at an alarming rate. In 1970, there were just three events: Cologne, Basel, and Art Actuel, but

  • Making Every Flight Safe

    Making Every Flight Safe

    Making Every Flight Safe   Even before any flight takes off, there are many operations that need to come together so that passengers can fly to their destinations. While passengers can see the efforts of the airport and ground employees, the work of the technicians and engineers at

  • Boutique Heritage Home

    Boutique Heritage Home

    Esparsh Sarawagi

    Boutique Heritage Home A place where family treasures become your memory By Esparsh Sarawagi Located within a four-minute walk from UNESCO Heritage site Patan Durbar Square, Boutique Heritage Home is atleast 200-year-old family owned four-storey houses which has been passionately renovated to ensure that the

  • Newa Chen

    Newa Chen

     Newa Chén   "Mind your head," is what greets you when you enter through the small, low door. You'll have to bend down to enter, but once you do, you'll feel as if you're home. Once  inside, you’re immediately pulled into this comfortable environment of peace

  • Experience Patan Like Never Before With Patan Heritage Walk

    Experience Patan Like Never Before With Patan Heritage Walk

    Experience Patan Like Never Before With Patan Heritage Walk   There was an idea to create something, to show others a place like it had never been seen before. And that's when it began, in 2017, the mission, to turn the city of Patan into an attraction—digitally! And

  • 5 Things to do in Nepal - March

    5 Things to do in Nepal - March

    Holi The festival of Holi has gained a lot of popularity over the years, as many have turned this holy occasion into a time for having fun. Long before the arrival of the actual day of Holi, we begin to see the younger generation throwing balloons filled with water,

  • Sweet Savories that Never Fail to Delight

    Sweet Savories that Never Fail to Delight

    Sweet Savories that Never Fail to Delight by Suprasanna Aryal If just the aroma of freshly-made sweets and munchies in Shree Nanda Mithai Bhandar transports you to a different world, imagine how ecstatic you would feel when you actually could have those sugary and savory delights.

  • Practical Preservation

    Practical Preservation

    Evangeline Neve

    Practical Preservation by Evangeline Neve An intelligent, pleasantly soft-spoken man, Dilendra Shrestha has done a lot in the Patan area that has been successful and is now widely emulated. I had a chance to sit down with him and ask him about it. I’m particularly interested in the

  • Walk, Eat, and Do Good

    Walk, Eat, and Do Good

    Lauren Paquette

    Walk, Eat, and Do Good by Lauren Paquette The annual Miteri Chhatrabritti Kosh (MCK) Scholarship Walk is a representation of two of Nepal’s most apparent aspects: friendship and food. It provides an opportunity to, as the slogan accurately describes, “Walk, Eat, and Do Good.” It

  • A Place in Patan

    A Place in Patan

    Rabi Thapa

    A Place in Patan by Rabi Thapa I spent most of my early years in the northern half of the Kathmandu Valley. Much of this was within the brick walls of Budhanilkantha School, which sprawls at the base of Shivapuri, as well as Maharajgunj and Dhapasi. My

  • The Seen and the Unseen in Yala Lyaku

    The Seen and the Unseen in Yala Lyaku

    Prawash Gautam

    The Seen and the Unseen in Yala Lyaku by Prawash Gautam Perceval Landon, the British writer, journalist, and traveler, visited Patan in the 1920s and was enamored by its beauty. “As an ensemble the Durbar Square in Patan probably remains as the most picturesque collection of

  • Mitho Kura: Sweet Things

    Mitho Kura: Sweet Things

    Jackie Taylor

    Mitho Kura: Sweet Things by Jackie Taylor Against the backdrop of the Patan Museum stand six young people, spotlighted. When they start to play, the audience knows they are witnessing something truly different. Captured in the moment, the faces of the audience brighten, soften, and relax

  • Barbara Didi & Me

    Barbara Didi & Me

    Michael Gill

    Barbara Didi & Me by Michael Gill Barbara Adams and I were friends for more than 30 years until her death in Kathmandu in April 2016, two days shy of her 85th birthday.  She was 13 years my senior; I called her Barbara Didi.  Wags

  • Unforgettable Miss Hawley

    Unforgettable Miss Hawley

    Dinesh Rai

    Unforgettable Miss Hawley by Dinesh Rai “You go to your hotel, and as you are checking in, the phone is ringing, and the man behind the desk says, ‘Hawley wants to talk to you.’ You’ve barely put your bags down,” American mountaineer, Ed Viesturs, to Outside Magazine.

  • Master Craftsmen of Lalitpur

    Master Craftsmen of Lalitpur

    Amar B. Shrestha

    Master Craftsmen of Lalitpur   Patan, also known as Lalitpur, truly deserves to be called the “City of the Arts”. It has numerous skilled craftsmen, and it is obviously impossible to include them all in one feature. Nevertheless, here are some of the better known masters of Lalitpur.