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  • Swinging in a Himalayan Hammock

    Erin Green

    Swinging in a Himalayan Hammock by Erin Green I’ve been searching for a good hammock, and I’ve found a Nepal-produced piece of resting perfection. They’re made by a tight team of three just outside Kathmandu. Since the business began, these hammocks have traveled all over the world—to Chile,

  • A Special Feel for Felt Craft

    Katherina (Xie Jiaxin)

      A Special Feel for Felt Craft   Synopsis: They are the perfect gifts for the folks back home, and they are souvenirs that will always bring back fond memories of Nepal   When you step into Thamel, you will find hundreds of

  • The Tutor's Atelier

    Swosti Rajbhandari

    Preserving the practice of the traditional arts. Founded in 1998 by Lok Chitrakar, a traditional artist, Simrik Atelier got its name from the color simrik or crimson which is Nepal’s national color and denotes compassion. He did not term it as a studio or gallery because he

  • Dressing for the Occasion in a Daura Suruwal

    Amar B Shrestha

    The daura suruwal is Nepal’s national outfit, but it’s becoming more of an attire to be decked up in for special occasions. The title might put off some people: come on, we are talking about the national outfit, after all! How can it be a ‘costume’ for just some

  • A Timeless Wonderland

    Anutara Shakya

    With a name that grows on you, just like the substance on which it is baptized, Koh Kaine is a fresh breeze of air with its collection of natural fabrics and handcrafted garments. Tucked away in Jhamsikhel, amidst the busy street, is a secret called Koh Kaine.

  • A Pair of Silver Makasi Earrings

    Yukta Bajracharya

    Buying history in the name of jewelry. Bekhali Bhota is the name of the woman who took care of me when I was a baby. She also took care of all the children born in my family after me. Bekhali Bhota for us is a fond memory.

  • Endangered bamboo boxes

    Gerard Toffin

    The traditional craft of the Newar village of Pyangoan, the making of pyaang, is gradually being revived after a threat of extinction. The making of bamboo boxes for measuring grain (rice, wheat, etc.) and for storing food products (oil, spices) as well as some other items (lamp wicks, cotton, tobacco)

  • Rainbow on a woman's waist

    Amit Shrestha

    Would you be surprised to witness a rainbow on a woman’s waist? A bangdian is a rainbow-like woollen apron worn by women in the Himalayas. It functions perfectly as a shield against the cold, just as much as it does as a decoration on the waist, or even the walls

  • A crafted summer scene

    Nischal Oli

    A glance at the new collections launched in two of Kathmandu’s favorite craft stores. Dhukuti Dhukuti’s new collection covers your home’s entire needs with selections for kids’ rooms, the kitchen, kitchenware, furniture, and much more. The collection, rolled out two months ago for the summer, adds an assortment of

  • Colors, colors everywhere


    Bright and colorful felt products are a big part of the craft industry in Nepal. Wander along any street in Thamel and you’ll probably see at least one shop selling felted goods. If you stepped in and checked the labels, chances are it would say “Made