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  • Where Am I? "One of the Deadliest Airports"

    Whoever said this flight is the most dangerous one, forgot to relish the enchanting view. If you are planning for a trek to Everest, this place is the first place you will have to be in; this is where the trek stories start from. However, if you Google

  • Nepal for the Discerning Traveler

    Raj Gyawali

    Nepal pulls the traveling soul towards itself with a compulsive pull. Not once, but several times. Some times to stay. This perhaps makes up for the land’s famed mystic quality. An exploration. There are tourists, and then there are travelers, and Nepal is a paradise for the latter—offering experiences,

  • Why You Need to go to Dolpo

    Sasha Holmgrens

      Its diverse terrain and rich culture makes Dolpo an ideal and interesting location to spend the monsoon. Shrouded in the great Himalayas, it’s what we call a ‘rain shadow’ area (where the land experiences little to no rain). While the rain can be very beneficial for

  • Nepal's All-Season Bounty

    Alonzo Lyons

    Off-season opportunities include everything from all-out exhilarating adventures to revitalizing leisure pursuits that this fascinating Himalayan country dishes up on a continual basis. Nepal is world-famous for mountaineering and trekking possibilities, especially in autumn and spring, when the weather is most reliable, and views edge toward sparkly clear. Known

  • 4 Places to go Hiking around Kathmandu this Winter

    Aastha Joshi Shrestha

    Winter hiking can be even more fun and beautiful than hiking in comfortable weather. It is only during winters that you get to walk through meadows decked with dew drops that look like tiny sparkling crystals, and the unforgettable cold breeze, while you walk across an ocean of dense white

  • Tansen's Trails

    Anuj Adhikary

    Beyond dhaka, chukauni and karuwa lies Tansen’s poorly kept secret - trails to make any adventure lover drool. We catch up with three young guns behind the events company Dharohar Adventures that’s bringing a fresh vibe in the ancient town as they prepare for the upcoming Tansen Ultra race.

  • Tansen

    Anuj D. Adhikary

    The leisurely town of Tansen known for a relaxing holiday and family picnics is now shifting gears to pump some adrenaline. The sky radiates flaming hues of orange over distant rolling hills. Surreal mist envelopes the valley below and rising slowly vanishes to reveal wide swathes of paddy fields.

  • Nakhipot Urban XC

    Anuj D. Adhikary

    After weeks of rattling and waking up to aftershocks, cyclists have something else to look forward to - Nakhipot Urban XC Race. Mountain biking is back and ripping through the streets of Kathmandu’s southern outskirts this monsoon. Gnarly brings you Nakhipot Urban XC scheduled to take place on 8

  • Caves that Mark the Origin

    Prabal Shrestha

    Finding yourself in the proximity of Kathmandu’s early history in the caves of Chobhar Before Manjushree caves in Chobar were made open to the public in 2007, the caves in the outskirts of the valley – 9 km South East of Kathmandu – was visited by mischievous youngsters and

  • A Hike into History

    Sanjit Bhakta Pradhananga

    Three hours spent well amidst the maze-like streets and effusive charms of Kirtipur. A stone’s throw away from Kathmandu and Patan, the impregnable Kirtipur feels a world away. The historic citadel that heroically warded off repeated sieges from Gorkha soldiers still stands proud in the winter sun,