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  • Sour, Spicy, Satisfying: an Unlikely Love Affair

    Evangeline Neve

    The first days of cold weather bring with them a craving for a favorite dish.   Just a few days ago, the weather finally started to change. It’s been hot for so much longer than it usually is that I was surprised and delighted when finally

  • Neglected but Nutritious

    Sanjib Chaudhary

    Neglected but Nutritious Airkanchan, a delicious dish of taro leaves from Nepal’s southern plains  This description of a rarely sampled delicacy will make you curious and hungry! We often tend to neglect nutritious veggies and term them ‘a poor man’s food’. One such green vegetable

  • The Delightful Flavors of Authentic Gurung Cuisine

    Imelda Lama

    The Delightful Flavors of Authentic Gurung Cuisine  Life in the hills and mountains requires strength and hardiness, which in turn calls for healthy nourishment.  Everybody knows that the Gurungs are world renowned for their bravery and fortitude, but not everybody knows as much about authentic Gurung

  • Where there is Festival, there is Food!

    Pramita Shrestha

    Where there is Festival, there is Food!  Nepal has many festivals through the year, and they are great times for sampling some rare delicacies. Even the gods demand good food at the time of their worship, and especially more so when a festival is celebrated in

  • The Culinary Tour, Tasting Nepal the Local Way

    Pramita Shrestha

    What are the basic things in life? Food, clothes, and shelter! Food provides nutrients necessary for survival, but we cannot ignore how the norm of food has changed with the passage of time, and where food stands today, aside from it being merely fuel for the human body.

  • Tasty Tamang Delicacies

    Sharmila Tamang

    Nepal, though a small landlocked country, is full of cultural and natural diversity. Along with that, Nepalese food is gaining more popularity even abroad due to the variety of dishes and their uniqueness. Growing up, home-cooking for me meant my family’s Tamang dishes, one of my favorites being dhindo

  • A Delectable Dessert for Many Reasons

    Urvi Suwal

    It is one of the best loved dishes of Nepali cuisine, and serves a special purpose on celebratory occasions.   Kheer, a sweet rice pudding, is a common and essential dish in traditional Nepali cuisine. It is regarded as a pure and holy food, as served during auspicious

  • The Many Blessings of Summer Fruits

    Ichchha Pradhan

    Refresh yourself with the season's treats - the delicious, juicy and healthy fruits of summer! The hottest time of the year is here. Summer is the time for fun and happiness—to go out and enjoy, letting our skin breathe with the lightest of fabrics while soaking in the brilliant

  • The Kachhila Hunt


    When life gives you meat, don't cook it, eat it raw! Only knowing that kachhila is the meat dish eaten raw does not do justice to this popular spicy Newari dish made of minced buffalo meat and homemade spices. Kachhila is one among the two most popular twin-sounding meat

  • A Tapari Full of Happiness

    Kashu Dhakhwa

    With the rising popularity of Newari food everywhere, many have now had the opportunity to taste the day-to-day cuisine of Newar households. One place that gives the best experience of the different dishes is located in Swotha of Patan.   As I walked towards Swotha tole