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  • Adding Zest to your Life

    Joshua Ryan

    Being assigned to check out AchaarGhar—‘pickled sauce house’ in English—excited me, as it had been on my radar for some time. After living in Kathmandu for a couple of years as an ‘expat’, one is recommended many different niche restaurants by locals and other foreigners, who have spent

  • Eating the Wilderness

    Sushma Joshi

    Eating the Wilderness by Sushma Joshi Eating weeds, while something of a pastime in childhood, never occurred to me as a particularly good idea. Perhaps it was my Brahmin childhood, where food was strictly prepared and served, with nothing other than the prescribed ingredients going into the cooking

  • Sweet Savories that Never Fail to Delight

    Sweet Savories that Never Fail to Delight by Suprasanna Aryal If just the aroma of freshly-made sweets and munchies in Shree Nanda Mithai Bhandar transports you to a different world, imagine how ecstatic you would feel when you actually could have those sugary and savory delights.

  • Discovering the Roots of Tasty Things at Genesis

    Evangeline Neve

    Discovering the Roots of Tasty Things at Genesis by Evangeline Neve “We plan to source local things, whatever exists here—like, who would have thought there’s 2,000 olive trees growing in Nepal, and they’re planting more. Someone’s doing goat cheese, there are even alpacas over there, though

  • From makai to momo: Kathmandu's Evolving Food Journey


    From makai to momo: Kathmandu’s Evolving Food Journey by PrawashGautam Tall and upright, he walks in fast, brisk steps. With the energy he displays, it is hard to believe that this man is 81 years old. A secret to his healthy old age? He says it’s

  • Which food from home do you miss the most?

    Barsa Thapa

    Which food from home do you miss the most? Written by – Barsa Thapa It’s been eight months since I left Nepal. There are many things that I miss; my family and friends, to begin with. But, along with it, there are some things that I

  • Dahl-bhaat: the Understated Comfort Food

    Avantika Shrestha

    Dahl-bhaat: the Understated Comfort Food The comfort food of Nepali homes across the globe Text: Avantika Shrestha I have been away from home for almost half a year, already. When I look back at myself, starry-eyed and overjoyed to be studying abroad, the idea of

  • The Delicious Intangible Heritage of Janakpur's Food

    Astha Shrestha Joshi

    The Delicious Intangible Heritage of Janakpur’s Food by Astha Shrestha Joshi The idea of Janakpur to many brings to mind its tangible heritage, from the wide marbled Janaki temple, to the many undisturbed ponds around the city, except during the month of Chhat that brings with

  • Chhat Festival Food in Janakpur

    Jackie Taylor

    Chhat Festival Food in Janakpur by Jackie Taylor The first time I visited Janakpur was during Chhat that falls just after the Nepali festival of Tihar.  Whereas Tihar is a national festival, Chhat is celebrated only in the Eastern Terai.  Probably the best place to witness

  • Lunch at Ravi's

    Don Messerschmidt

    Lunch at Ravi’s By Don Messerschmidt The invitation was for Wednesday lunch at Ravi’s, in Tokha on the north side of Kathmandu. It’s not a restaurant. It’s Ravi’s home located deep inside a maze of houses sweeping uphill in long streets behind an imposing gate.