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  • Community Homestay in Panauti

    Joshua Ryan

    For a unique and refreshing cultural weekend getaway, look no farther than Panauti, where you can experience an ancient but still vibrant way of life in a family environment. Panauti, just 32 km east of Kathmandu, echoes a Kathmandu Valley from decades ago; green fields of organic produce blended

  • Colorful Revelry

    The colorful festival of Holi brings out the child in each one of us. Young or old, everybody enjoys playing with color with childish carefreeness and joy. This festival of colors is celebrated all over the country with great enthusiasm, and the underlining message of Holi is: ‘Don’t

  • Our collective duty

    Looza Mahaju

      As 3rd of November 2016 draws near, the light in the first floor room of the Degu Taleju temple stays on for longer than usual. The said floor, taken up by a special committee – a society, if you will, is neatly tucked behind by a tiki-jhya,

  • The Women in Red

    Avrati Bhatnagar

    The beauty of culture lies in its palpability to change its value with time. A newlywed fasts for the first time and finds new meaning in the traditional festival of Teej. Every year as a little kid I saw my mother dress up in her prettiest red

  • Crimson dots of faith

    Dayishaa Daga

    Call it a beauty mark, the spiritual third eye, a sign of devotion to gods or a symbol of matrimony, the tika is a much celebrated and integral part of Hindu religious practice.   Go to a temple and what is the one thing you will

  • Living In Mystique The Traditional Lep

    Miya Bajracharya

    The traditional lep still remains a mystery to many. Those who have taken this treatment have no complains about it: Instead, later on, they have become the perfect promoters of this traditional healing method.   A few years ago, a fight had ensued when my mom once went to a

  • What's Eating Away Our Temples?

    Looza Mahaju

    The perfume I earlier associated with temples has changed into smell. It isn’t the smell of devotion anymore; it is a stench of disintegrating organic matters. Nostalgia is not unlike a mirage; it’s all good, until you want to check it out for yourself. As soon as you decide


    Alonzo Lyons

    A traditional healing art still popular in the Himalaya Sowa Rigpa translates to ‘the art of healing’ from Tibetan language. It is more commonly referred to as Tibetan medicine. Amchi (healers of Sowa Rigpa) follow time-honored practices dating back over two thousand years. The ancient tradition has ties with

  • The Purifier in Life and Death

    Anutara Shakya

    The naus, or Napits, are one of the most essential figures in Newar culture, but often taken for granted. King Jayasthiti Malla knew what he was doing when he assigned the Newar citizens of Kathmandu Valley into different roles. The idea was to ensure that there was

  • Piercing with a Purpose

    Suprasanna Aryal

    Piercings may be a modern day fad among today’s youngsters, but here it is a tradition that carries different meanings among different clans.  I remember the 5-year-old me running out of a jewelry shop with teary eyes when the jeweler pierced one of my earlobes. My grandmother had taken me