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  • Rituals from the Long Past, Yet still Living today

    Evangeline Neve

    The pujas are completed, and the party is finished, too, by the time I sit down with Karna Shakya. He has just completed an induction ceremony, which he calls a “coronation,” and is now officially the most senior member and ceremonial head of his clan, or community. I’m

  • Christmas is in the Air

    Shivani Sarawagi

     Wondering what festivities are on offer this Christmas? Here’s a list to get you started. Feeling festive yet? It’s never too early to begin thinking about Christmas. I know I am, with the days getting shorter, and mornings even harder to get up to, the smell of

  • An Elaborate Ritual called Marriage

    Shreeya Shrestha

    An Elaborate Ritual called Marriage  A new step for a new life, and thus having the greatest significance for both men and women. Marriage is that special occasion where we decide to spend our whole life with another person, through both the ups and the downs

  • Nowhere else but in Hadigaun!

    Amar B. Shrestha

      Nowhere else but in Hadigaun! It is a strange phenomenon, one must say—Hadigaun, a remnant of yesteryears, in a well-urbanized locality of cosmopolitan Kathmandu. One can presume that very soon it will be just another typical urban center. Right now, however, it still has some

  • Dance till you Trance

    Sachitra Gurung

    Dance till you Trance  The graceful swaying of nubile bodies; a long drawn song, hypnotic in its rendering. It’s a dance that mesmerizes both dancer and watcher alike. I grew up hearing the stories of this famous Gurung dance form called “Ghatu naach” from my grandmother.

  • Meeting the Living Goddess


    Behind the Scenes: The Person who knows all the Secrets of Kumari  One of the unique aspects of Newari culture, Kumari grants her compassion and blessings to all who come to her. Nowhere else in the whole wide world will you find a living goddess, except

  • Majipa Lakhey Aaju, the Demon who Cares

    Shreeya Shrestha

      Majipa Lakhey Aaju, the Demon who Cares  In a land of myths and mystique, is it any wonder to find living goddesses and dancing demons? A demon who is worshipped as God. Lakhey is a demon, that is what we all believe, but

  • What Top 5 Souvenirs You Would Never Regret Bringing Back Home?

    Jade Gao (Gao Xuan)

      What Top 5 Souvenirs You Would Never Regret Bringing Back Home?   After visiting this beautiful Himalayan country, make sure that you return home with a suitcase full of the best souvenirs of Nepal. When you travel to Nepal, special, delicate and colorful

  • Community Homestay in Panauti

    Joshua Ryan

    For a unique and refreshing cultural weekend getaway, look no farther than Panauti, where you can experience an ancient but still vibrant way of life in a family environment. Panauti, just 32 km east of Kathmandu, echoes a Kathmandu Valley from decades ago; green fields of organic produce blended

  • Colorful Revelry

    The colorful festival of Holi brings out the child in each one of us. Young or old, everybody enjoys playing with color with childish carefreeness and joy. This festival of colors is celebrated all over the country with great enthusiasm, and the underlining message of Holi is: ‘Don’t