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  • Handmade, Just For You

    Ichchha Pradhan

    Collaboration and cooperation can get one further faster, and that’s what Timro Concept Store is all about. Only two months old, Timro Concept Store at Jhamsikhel has been making waves on the social media. The store is a place where passion and love for Nepali handmade products and Nepali

  • Green Everest?—Necessary and Possible!


    An expedition has been hard at work to clean up the tallest mountain in the world. An expedition with the stated goal of not just climbing but cleaning up? It sounds like a novelty, but considering the circumstances, it would be nice if it became the new “normal.”

  • Pemba Dolma Sherpa: Remembering Her Legacy


    Although, today, Everest has been summited by thousands, including a good number of women, the pioneering feats of the few that showed the way cannot be forgotten. The 1970s saw a rapid increased in the number of expeditions traveling through Namche  Bazaar, on their way to Everest and the

  • Roaming around an Open Museum: Bhaktapur


    One of the best preserved ancient towns of Kathmandu Valley, it contains a multitude of historical artifacts, and thus, is an ideal cultural destination. We often run out of options when it comes to deciding where to go with our families on weekends, especially when you belong

  • Changing Times, New Flavors

    Barsa Thapa

    There are many new restaurants coming up in Thamel; here are five that offer some great new flavors. Thamel and its ever bustling streets has been the country’s, as well as foreigners’, go-to place since as long as we all can remember. One could not visit Nepal and not

  • A Little Bit of Everything

    Avantika Shrestha

    It’s a one-stop destination for souvenir hunting, with the choices so many and so charming, you’ll have a hard time deciding what to buy. When one thinks of Thamel, the rows of curio shops that line many streets and alleys of this ancient town definitely come to mind.

  • Hidden Places to Eat in Thamel

    ECS Reporters

    Fancy something delicious, but somewhere away from the usual? Here are some eateries that could be what you’re looking for. There are a lot of well-known restaurants in Thamel, both international and local, but there are an even greater number of small, hidden places. Many, but not all, offer

  • Thamel Revisited

    Amar B. Shrestha

    Change is the only constant, and it holds as true for Thamel, the tourist hub of Kathmandu, as for anything else. I once lived near Thamel many years before it became what it is today: the most popular destination for tourists visiting Nepal, a place most backpackers

  • Writing the Epic Trek

    Don Messerschmidt

    "A good author should always suffer for his or her art. Well, the best travel writers suffer more than most, so perhaps that’s why their books are so memorable..." - AbeBooks.com In 1984, as Nepal was experiencing an influx intrepid world travelers with lax control over where

  • When the Mountains Moved, an Unforgettable Trek

    Astha Shrestha Joshi

    April 2015's historic earthquake, experienced far from home, amongst the Annapurna mountains. Oh, you heard the whole commotion last night?” asked my guide. “I did try to drown out all the noise and go back to sleep, but it was really hard to,” I replied. To tell