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  • The Shantipur Story

    Eliz Manandhar

    As King Pratap Malla entered the darkened vestibule of the temple, legions of bats awoke to the cadence of his footsteps and flapped and fluttered about in the dark, further intensifying the horrific omnipresent dread in the room. Serpents slithered into the room from other chambers, hissing about in the

  • Rehabilitation of Culture Sector three years after Gorkha Earthquake

    Kai Weise

    Countdown eighty years after the Great Earthquake of 1934 History shows us that every eighty to hundred years a great earthquake strikes Kathmandu. With the additional tremors such as those in 1988 and 2011 reminding us of the urgency of the situation, preparations were underway in anticipation

  • Marwari Mahotsav 2018

    Esparsh Sarawagi

    Marwari (Marwadi)—the South Asian multi-linguistic group, particularly in India and Nepal—is an umbrella term that includes both Hindus and Jains who have originated from the eastern Rajasthan region, i.e. Marwar of India. The rich language of this community, Marwari, is included under the umbrella of Rajasthani languages, and is said

  • Ashtimki, an Ancient Form of Tharu Wall Painting

    Sanjib Chaudhary

    Ashtimki, an ancient tradition of painting the story of the evolution of life, holds great significance among the Tharus of western Nepal. While the Tharus in eastern Nepal draw Kohbar on their walls during marriages and other rituals, the Tharus in the west, particularly in Banke, Bardiya, Kailali, Kanchanpur, and

  • Jan Salter: The Compassionate Artist

    Dinesh Rai

    I was to personally meet Jan Salter only when she established Kathmandu Animal Treatment (KAT) Centre near Budanilkantha in May 2004. But, within minutes, it seemed like I had known her all my life. There was a reassuring feeling of closeness, and her sincerity shone through when she spoke. Having

  • Meditation Retreat under the Guidance of a Lama

    Susan Griffith-Jones

    When you are ensconced in the world of the Lamas, doing a retreat is not much of a big deal. “He’s gone into three-year retreat”, “She’s doing a retreat of such and such a practice”, “I’m thinking about doing a short retreat at such and such a holy place” are

  • A World of their Own

    Amar B Shrestha

    A World of their Own Amar B Shrestha “I came here about four years ago along with my wife. She passed away four months ago,” says Mr. Raj Bahadur Manandhar, a sprightly 73-year-old who lives in Health Home Care Nepal in Sanepa, Lalitpur. “Initially, we had

  • Respecting the Earth through Experiential Learning and Adventure

    Jackie Taylor

    Respecting the Earth through Experiential Learning and Adventure by Jackie Taylor When I was young, there was no internet and no social media.  ‘Social media’ meant actually meeting up with your friends in the light British evenings or summer holidays to build a tree house, cycle

  • Seeing Manang through the Eyes of a Local

    Helen O’Gorman

    Seeing Manang through the Eyes of a Local by Helen O’Gorman For those of us who may never see Tibet, one high corner of Nepal is preserving Tibetan Buddhist culture beautifully. Buddhists don’t celebrate Dashain (although they do, Tihar), and at this time of year, a friend and

  • Choosing the Less Trodden Path

    Sambid Bilas Pant

    Choosing the Less Trodden Path Words and Photos: Sambid Bilas Pant We reached the Manakamana Temple at Dalchowki early in the evening. As the sun peaked high above us and gently dissolved behind the green hills and wide-open landscapes, we were in a state of dilemma