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  • Discover the Timeless Energy of the Moment

    Anna Egan

    Not just for exercise, yoga has a deeper side that can do wonders when used as part of a healthy lifestyle. Yoga is a path of self-understanding that was developed in India over 5,000 years ago, and continues to evolve today. The path is a systematic approach

  • Drink To Your Health

    Sajan Shreemali

    Studies continue to show the beneficial value of regularly having a cup of tea. Not to mention, it's just plain good! A tea mood is usually driven by a wakeup call in the morning. A daily dose of three to four cups of tea is what we

  • Nature’s All-Purpose Miracle Drug

    Avantika Shrestha

    Discover just a few of the many amazing benefits to be found in one of nature's own sweet, delicious wonders. At my grandparents’ home, a spoonful of honey with a dash of ginger is the cure-all when it comes to any throat-related disease, especially the flu. This

  • Ancient Melodies, Young Performers

    Evangeline Neve

    Actively promoting Nepal’s traditional instrument, Project Sarangi is fostering a new generation of musicians being showcased all around the city. Recently I was lucky to meet Kiran Nepali. I say lucky, because meeting him felt inspiring and rejuvenating to me. In an age when many seem sadly

  • Nepali Medicine Man

    Evangeline Neve

    Ramesh Shakya dispenses knowledge and care to his patients as he continues a family legacy that is both fascinating and a little mysterious. When I approached Ramesh Shakya’s little shop, I was struck at once by the crowd surrounding it. To get here I’d passed several other

  • Wonderful Saffron for Beautiful Skin

    Shweta Upadhyaya

    Saffron is considered the ideal Tridoshhara: that means it is useful in pacifying all three doshas (Vata, Pitta, and Kapha). Keshar– Saffron(Crocus sativus)has been,since ancient times, used to achieve healthy and beautiful skin. In the olden days, its use was limited to the royals and the aristocrats

  • Some Tips for a Greener Life In Kathmandu

    Evangeline Neve

    A few practical suggestions and ideas towards a more environmentally conscious lifestyle in our city. It’s no secret that these have been dusty days here in the city, with construction and pollution on the increase. And while there’s certainly some things we can’t do anything about, if

  • Tantalizing Turmeric

    Shweta Upadhyaya

    Not just a spice, turmeric has been found to be beneficial to humans in multiple ways. In Ayurveda, turmeric is considered as a Varnya herb, which means it’s anherb for enhancing the complexion. It has excellent antioxidant properties,which helps reduce premature aging of the skin.Traditionally,turmeric has been

  • What is Ayurveda? A Beginner’s Overview

    Rishi Ram Koirala

    Ayurveda is a science of life, a healing system, a culture-based health system. Legend of Ayurveda The root of Ayurveda dates back to the Vedic period. Vedas are the oldest recorded documents of human civilization. According to the CarakaSamhita, there were 52 eminent scholars, rishis, and

  • Got Enduro? The trails of Asian Enduro Series 2017

    Anuj Adhikary

    April is looking fiery for Nagarkot; 80 enduro riders, half of whom are flying into Nepal just for the race, will blaze through seven spectacular trails in Nagarkot for the Asian Enduro Series 2017 organized by Gnarly. The four-day race is scheduled for April 6 to 9, with