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  • Melodious Instruments of Lyrical Nepal

    Prashant Shrestha

    Nepal’s rich culture comprises unique songs and lyrics, and they are set to the tunes of ingenuous musical instruments that are extremely melodious and very, very pleasing to the ears. Entering the narrow entrance door of Patan Durbar Museum (which was deliberately made narrow so that enemies

  • The Begum of Oudh is Indulged…

    Don Messerschmidt

    The Begum of Oudh is Indulged… Recent and Historic Episodes in India and Nepal   Only in India could you find a long-running struggle with such faintly comic overtones. The Begum is indulged... (James Miles, Los Angeles Times, June 1985)   This story

  • Mountains of the Mind

    Robert Macfarlane Reviewed by Svasti Garg

    It is not the mountain we conquer but ourselves. -Edmund Hillary The above-mentioned quote resonates within the entire book, Mountains of the Mind, by Robert Macfarlane. It is an intriguing title for a very strong book. What comes to mind are the tall and majestic mountains and

  • The Chinese Connection

    Amar B. Shrestha

    The Chinese Connection  Nepal and China are linked by the mighty Himalayan range, and since time immemorial the relationship has been as enduring as the majestic peaks. Nepal is now, officially, a partner of the One Belt One Road (OBOR) initiative, China’s historic plan to revive

  • In Search of Buddha's Descendants

    Prashant Shrestha

    In Search of Buddha’s Descendants Everyone knows the story of Lord Buddha, but none know about his descendants.  Ages ago, Siddhartha Gautam left all worldly relationships and princely possessions to seek nirvana, and ultimately became “The Awakened One”. Yet,

  • A Museological Tour of Kathmandu Val

    Swosti Rajbhandari Kayastha

    A Museological Tour of Kathmandu Valley The valley of Kathmandu has a history much richer, deeper, and mystifying than known to most of us. According to Hindu mythology, it is said to have originated in the mythological era due to the draining of the water of the valley by

  • Trek to Mystical Mangmalung

    Sajib Chaudhary

    A little visited region in Eastern Nepal filled with fascinating sights and kind-hearted people. Many parts of Nepal are still unexplored and unknown to the outer world. Despite being frequented by locals during certain festivals, they remain unknown and inaccessible to the rest of the world the rest of

  • Precious is a Gift

    Shivangi Bansal

    Children are any country's most valuable resource, its true gifts. As I enter the gates of Koseli, I see children patiently lined up in their playground, eagerly waiting to receive their treat of chocolate from a volunteer. Some children are seen giggling, some perhaps dreaming about football

  • Gunla, a Musical Tradition with Deep Roots

    Astha Shrestha Joshi

    In the warrens and alleys of the old city, musicians young and old practice and prepare for their part in an ancient, melodic pilgrimage. Every July, from 5:00 p.m. onwards, Pignani, located right behind the debris of Kasthamandap, starts hearing the faint sounds of drum beats. Enter

  • The Many Tales of Tokha

    Avantika Shrestha

    A village with many significant features that make it an important landmark in terms of culture, history, and religion. An old village with many tales wrapped within its gallies, Tokha holds historical, cultural, and religious significance. Located five kilometers from Budhanilkantha, this ancient village still holds on to its