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  • Got Enduro? The trails of Asian Enduro Series 2017

    Anuj Adhikary

    April is looking fiery for Nagarkot; 80 enduro riders, half of whom are flying into Nepal just for the race, will blaze through seven spectacular trails in Nagarkot for the Asian Enduro Series 2017 organized by Gnarly. The four-day race is scheduled for April 6 to 9, with

  • Early Trekking in Nepal - The Inspired Legacy of H.W. Tilman

    Don Messerschmidt

    As the biscuits were my choice I had no right to complain, but being now without any teeth to speak of I found them singularly unappetizing. The teeth had been carelessly dropped in the Trisuli river when bathing there the second morning out, and no doubt they were now entering

  • Adventure in the Borderlands

    Avantika Shrestha

    Take a drive up towards the Tibetan border and discover the potential for multiple adventures. Nestled in between Kathmandu Valley and the Tibetan border, by the powerful Bhote Koshi River, is the terraced haven known as Borderlands Eco Adventure Resort. Three hours from Kathmandu and 16km south

  • From Guns to Glory

    Anuj D. Adhikari

    In a short period of time, Mira Rai has become a household name in Nepal. From childhood days in her village in Bhojpur, then a child soldier in the guerrilla army in her early teens, and eventually—by sheer chance—signing up for a 50-km trail running race just a

  • Experiencing Langtang After The Earthquake

    Heidi Hagenlocher

    A trek during the cold season to an area devastated by the quake brings its own memorable and unexpected rewards. On the best of days when I have cycled up the steep incline next to the Summit Hotel without being muscled to the wall by a passing

  • Nepal’s Ultra-Runner & Ultra-Mountaineer Extraordinaire

    Avantika Shrestha

    Sanjay Pandit's story is a wonderful example of how far you can go if you dream big and work hard--and he's not done yet! These are the words—passed down by his father—that define Sanjay Pandit’s career as Nepal’s very own ultra-runner and ultra-mountaineer. One who has made

  • Annapurna Conservation, a Success Story

    Evangeline Neve

    Active in the Annapurna Conservation Area Project in its early years, Shailendra Thakali reminisces about the beginning days, as well as what has changed for the better. ShailendraThakali has led an interesting life—from his origins in Jomsom, Mustang, and on to New Zealand, and then back to

  • Nothing Compares…

    Evangeline Neve in conversation with Richard Ragan

    Ever wondered what it would be like to fly down a snow-covered slope in the Himalayas? Read on to hear from someone who has. Richard Ragan is a well-known name in Nepal. He headed up the UN’s World Food Programme (WFP) in the country, but was nearly as famous

  • Taking to the Air

    Evangeline Neve

    The author reminisces on her experience in Pokhara before taking to the skies above Kathmandu. A few weeks ago, someone mentioned that companies were now offering paragliding here in the Kathmandu valley. My reaction was much the same as everyone else I mentioned it to in the days that

  • Patan's Power Breakfasts

    Astha Shrestha Joshi

    Breakfast should be everyone’s favorite meal of the day, it feels almost criminal when it’s not. Your breakfast pretty much decides what your mood for the whole day will be like, a cranky person is not a likable individual. Also, everyone has a breakfast story that’s connected to their roots,