• Nothing Compares…

    Nothing Compares…

    Ever wondered what it would be like to fly down a snow-covered slope in the Himalayas? Read on to hear from someone who has. Richard Ragan is a well-known name in Nepal. He headed up the UN’s World Food Programme (WFP) in the country, but was nearly as famous for his love for adventure sports as for his philanthropic

  • Taking  to the Air

    Taking to the Air

    The author reminisces on her experience in Pokhara before taking to the skies above Kathmandu. A few weeks ago, someone mentioned that companies were now offering paragliding here in the Kathmandu valley. My reaction was much the same as everyone else I mentioned it to in the days that followed: “What? Really? Are you sure? I didn’t know that.”

  • Where Am I?

    Where Am I? "One of the Deadliest Airports"

    Whoever said this flight is the most dangerous one, forgot to relish the enchanting view. If you are planning for a trek to Everest, this place is the first place you will have to be in; this is where the trek stories start from. However, if you Google this airport, you will find out that there are lots

  • Boots Beyond Compare

    Boots Beyond Compare

    Don Messerschmidt

    I promised Wahab my boots. They were splendid boots, boots beyond compare … the best of boots; I had a lot of fun in them.  –Peter Fleming, at the conclusion of ‘News from Tartary’ (1936) Boots are important. While preparing to come live and work in Nepal

  • Jump off Bridge, Take a Leap of Faith

    Jump off Bridge, Take a Leap of Faith

    Prabin Maharjan

    A bungy jump becomes so much more as the author faces his fears and takes a leap into open air despite them. I’ve been hopping in my dreams for years. It generally means a sign of taking a leap of faith of some kind. Things we see

  • Where am I?

    Where am I? "Deviate from the Usual"

    Miya Bajracharya

    I feel it’s quite unfair for Thamel to be known only for tourism reasons. However, it is true that Thamel was one of the places that boosted Nepal’s tourism. And perhaps that is why this place has still hidden itself from all the hubbub of Thamel’s popularity.

  • Parallel Passages of Nepali Art

    Parallel Passages of Nepali Art

    Swosti Rajbhandari Kayastha

    In Asia, Nepal is known more as a pilgrimage site, what with it being the birthplace of Lord Gautam Buddha, besides having many important shrines sacred to both Hindus and Buddhists. Nepal is also known for being home to the top eight mountain peaks of the world. To

  • Roping the Canyons

    Roping the Canyons

    Dr. Sameer Aryal

    An adventurous doctor takes a trip on the wild side into a daring new experience. When I first heard the term canyoning, as everyone else, I also got it confused with canoeing. Well, many of you still may not be knowing the difference even today, but I

  • Silver Linings

    Silver Linings

    Avantika Shrestha

    Anyone can manufacture machine-made craft, but the skill of making them by hand is sacred. In the market, machine-made jewelry and other craft are easily available, but the beauty preserved in handmade craft cannot be replicated by a machine. The time, dedication, and effort that the craftsmen

  • Rebuilding History

    Rebuilding History

    Evangeline Neve

    We observe a simple but powerful grassroots project that is bringing people together to restore and preserve past beauties. In the April 2015 earthquake, we didn’t just lose monuments, temples, and heritage sites. Another, less heralded casualty were the countless private homes—many of which held irreplaceable artifacts

  • Adventure in the Borderlands

    Adventure in the Borderlands

    Avantika Shrestha

    Take a drive up towards the Tibetan border and discover the potential for multiple adventures. Nestled in between Kathmandu Valley and the Tibetan border, by the powerful Bhote Koshi River, is the terraced haven known as Borderlands Eco Adventure Resort. Three hours from Kathmandu and 16km south

    • Boots Beyond Compare

      I promised Wahab my boots. They were splendid boots, boots beyond compare … the best of boots; I

    • What’s On Your ‘Bucket List’?

      Climb to the top of the highest point on earth and descend safely to sea level with all

    • Two Novels about Nepal

      On Sherpa speak, and a ‘coals to Newcastle’ effect I recently read a YA ‘thriller’ entitled ‘The Everest Files’,