• Nothing Compares…

    Nothing Compares…

    Ever wondered what it would be like to fly down a snow-covered slope in the Himalayas? Read on to hear from someone who has. Richard Ragan is a well-known name in Nepal. He headed up the UN’s World Food Programme (WFP) in the country, but was nearly as famous for his love for adventure sports as for his philanthropic

  • Taking  to the Air

    Taking to the Air

    The author reminisces on her experience in Pokhara before taking to the skies above Kathmandu. A few weeks ago, someone mentioned that companies were now offering paragliding here in the Kathmandu valley. My reaction was much the same as everyone else I mentioned it to in the days that followed: “What? Really? Are you sure? I didn’t know that.”

  • Where Am I?

    Where Am I? "One of the Deadliest Airports"

    Whoever said this flight is the most dangerous one, forgot to relish the enchanting view. If you are planning for a trek to Everest, this place is the first place you will have to be in; this is where the trek stories start from. However, if you Google this airport, you will find out that there are lots

  • Go West—Adventure Awaits!

    Go West—Adventure Awaits!

    Jeremy Vestal

    Calling all adventurers who want a taste of the “real Nepal”. I invite you to the Karnali Zone, where lies a district called Jumla. Jumla has remained untouched by Western tourism, and locals brag that a visit here is a taste of real Nepali life. Locals also eagerly inform you

  • Keeping Up with Tradition Hotel Heritage, Bhaktapur

    Keeping Up with Tradition Hotel Heritage, Bhaktapur

    Avantika Shrestha

    Newari culture and architecture come together in a wonderful blend of traditional aesthetics and modern accommodation. Standing tall in the heart of Bhaktapur Durbar Square is Hotel Heritage, beautifully incorporated into the Newari architecture that surrounds it. Blending the beauty of tradition with the ease of contemporary

  • Flying the Nepali Skies

    Flying the Nepali Skies

    Amar B. Shrestha

    Travel into the past with reminiscences from Nepal's early aviation years. The first time I flew on an airplane was only when I was a teenager. It was the 15-minute flight from Simara, in the Terai, to Kathmandu, the capital, on a Twin Otter. At the time,

  • Wonders Out of Waste

    Wonders Out of Waste

    Evangeline Neve

    Two sisters make an effort to create a culture change in the way we deal with waste paper. Jamarko’s large, open working area has a pleasant feel, somehow both relaxed and industrious at the same time. At a long table, a number of employees—most of them women—are

  • Discover the Timeless  Energy of the Moment

    Discover the Timeless Energy of the Moment

    Anna Egan

    Not just for exercise, yoga has a deeper side that can do wonders when used as part of a healthy lifestyle. Yoga is a path of self-understanding that was developed in India over 5,000 years ago, and continues to evolve today. The path is a systematic approach

  • Drink To Your Health

    Drink To Your Health

    Sajan Shreemali

    Studies continue to show the beneficial value of regularly having a cup of tea. Not to mention, it's just plain good! A tea mood is usually driven by a wakeup call in the morning. A daily dose of three to four cups of tea is what we

  • Nature’s All-Purpose Miracle Drug

    Nature’s All-Purpose Miracle Drug

    Avantika Shrestha

    Discover just a few of the many amazing benefits to be found in one of nature's own sweet, delicious wonders. At my grandparents’ home, a spoonful of honey with a dash of ginger is the cure-all when it comes to any throat-related disease, especially the flu. This

  • A Place for Rejuvenation - Divine Spa &  Harmony Spa

    A Place for Rejuvenation - Divine Spa & Harmony Spa

    Shreesha Nankhwa

    De-stress with spa treatments that will get your body into balance with life and nature. Life in Kathmandu can be brutal—the pollution, the people, your job, not to mention all the everyday stressors that take away from your mental and physical wellbeing. As great as this city

    • Boots Beyond Compare

      I promised Wahab my boots. They were splendid boots, boots beyond compare … the best of boots; I

    • What’s On Your ‘Bucket List’?

      Climb to the top of the highest point on earth and descend safely to sea level with all

    • Two Novels about Nepal

      On Sherpa speak, and a ‘coals to Newcastle’ effect I recently read a YA ‘thriller’ entitled ‘The Everest Files’,