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  • 5 THINGS TO DO IN NEPAL - May 2018

    5 THINGS TO DO - May 5 Nepali Products to Buy 1. Singing bowls- Don't go by the name. This bowl is widely used for various purposes, such as meditation, sound therapy, and sound massage, and is a very popular souvenir of Nepal. In ancient times,

  • Five things to do in Nepal - April 2018

    Five things to do – April 2018 With the Nepali New Year around the corner and warmer weather finally upon us, we turn to some tasty libations for this months ‘Five Things to Do—or Drink—in Nepal. Aila: This potent Nepali firewater comes in many degrees of

  • 5 Things to do in Nepal - March

    Holi The festival of Holi has gained a lot of popularity over the years, as many have turned this holy occasion into a time for having fun. Long before the arrival of the actual day of Holi, we begin to see the younger generation throwing balloons filled with water,

  • 5 Things to do in Nepal - February

    5 things to do in nepal Rhododendron The rhododendron is a small flower with huge importance; Nepal’s national flower holds the responsibility of decorating the entire nation.  It not only  beautifies, but were you aware that it also has medicinal value? The juice made from is said

  • 5 Things to do in Nepal - January

    5 THINGS TO DO in Nepal   1. Gham ma badam Having badam (peanuts) during winter is a default habit that every Nepali has. The peanut business probably goes up by more than fifty percent during the winter. It is usually on the off days, where

  • Time for some Nepali Coffee

    5 Things to Do   Bhogate Sandheko Bhogate Sandheko is usually the most talked about item for all foodies at this time of the year. Bhogate is called Pomelo (Chinese grapefruit) in English and is used in Nepal during Mha Puja and Bhai Tika.