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  • Giving Young Artists a Platform

    Evangeline NEVE

    Giving Young Artists a Platform Synopsis: A wonderful exhibit brings together Finland and Nepal via the work of young and talented local artists. by Evangeline Neve The lovely seating spaces between the buildings of the Taragaon Museum in Boudha were filled with people, young and

  • The Dynamic Lure of Learning Chinese

    Kate (Chen QiuXiao)

    The Dynamic Lure of Learning Chinese  Just as English is a global language today, Chinese, too, is surely on its way to becoming one. It is not an exaggeration to say that China holds the center stage world-wide, and Chinese is gaining special attention as a

  • Losing your way in memories

    Prateebha Tuladhar

    That was Photo Kathmandu 2015 — the coming together of memories, the collision of yesterdays that created a mosaic for what tomorrow holds.   In the dim, cool, ground floor of the Dhakhwa House in Patan, I spot a photograph of an awkward teenager.

  • Learning from the Experts

    Daniel Linden (As told to Girish Subedi)

    A conversation with Daniel Linden, founder and president of Gharana Music Foundation. Gharana Music Foundation (GMF), in association with The City Museum, Qatar Airlines, and D’Addario Foundation, organized its first music festival this October (8-11) at Hotel Yak & Yeti. The organizers had invited American and Australian veteran classical

  • Newar Architecture,a Deeper Look

    Dr. Eugene geinzer

    Furtively, I wiped the window with a tissue; not a smudge must impede my vision. The Big Show is outside.  Alerted to choose a seat on the right of the plane so I could see the Himalayas, I was ready with my camera. Multiple snow-capped peaks posed as candidates for

  • Molding Expressions

    Swosti Rajbhandari

    I first met Gopal Das Shrestha-Kalapremi seven years ago at Centre for Art & Design KU, where he teaches sculpture and ceramics. Having heard a lot about him and his works, I was amazed by his modesty and he generously invited me to visit his studio. To reach his studio

  • All about Expression

    Neema Ghimire

    Colors are metaphors and images symbolic. Expressing through colors and images is a challenge, yet Sheelasha Rajbhandari is out to take this art form to new heights. Her art is not just limited to colors and images, but also encapsulates a wide variety of genres.  In your

  • An amalgam

    Swosti Rajbhandari

    Rightly titled Amalgam, the group exhibition which took place at Siddhartha Art Gallery in Baber Mahal (June 27- July 28) displays the works of 25 artists from different backgrounds expressing on canvas and other mediums, diverse topics of aesthetics,  personal fancy, commemoration, self realizations and mostly social and political awareness. 

  • The artist returns

    Dorothy Lysandra Lu

    After more than a decade, Jan Salter lets her inner artist step forth again. With four dogs barking loudly at strangers while circling her protectively, it’s easy to see why Jan Salter is known more for being the founder of Kathmandu Animal Treatment Center (KAT) and less

  • So unlike buffalos


    Ananda K. Maharjan is probably the only Nepali professional type design artist creating Devanagari fonts for day-to-day use. How is that culturally relevant? Read on to know more. For those who don’t understand a particular script and the typography of a certain language, there is a saying in Hindi