In order to improve the skills and knowledge of your household staff, ECS offers the following courses this month. Please let us know if you are interested in enrolling your staff for these courses. Contact ECS Services 442.6439, 98510.07.900 or ecs@infoclub.com.np to book a place.


Many excellent staff are registered with us, including cooks, guards, gardeners, maids and drivers. Our list is constantly updated. Interviews are carried at our office to help resolve language problems between our clients and the staff. If you are looking for efficient and reliable staff, please come and discuss your requirements with us and don’t forget to register your staff with us before you leave. INTERVIEW FEE: Rs. 1,500 PLACEMENT FEE: Rs. 2,500


For Household Staff

Our English class for household staff enables them to communicate with you in simple English. Language structures are taught along with vocabulary that is related to household matters (for daily use). Oral communication skills will be emphasized in this course rather than reading and writing skills. This is a one month course, 5 days week, one hour a day. FEE: Rs. 4,000


For Foreigners

ECS Services has been supporting foreigners to learn the Nepali Language (speaking, reading and writing) for many years. If you would like to learn or improve your Nepali vocabulary, please call us. Group or individual classes are available.


The revised ECS Nepali language CD is now available. It gives you the chance not only to listen but also to practice your Nepali along with the CD. We feel that this improved CD will help you learn the Nepali language more effectively. A booklet comes with the CD. PRICE: Rs. 999 (including booklet)


For Household Staff

ECS is organizing food handling and hygiene course for your household staff. If you are unsure whether your staff is aware about hygiene then this is the ideal course. This hands-on class includes daily hygiene, importance of hand washing and preparation of fruits and vegetables. We will teach them the proper way of cleaning - tables, windows, kitchen floor and bathroom. We will also teach them how to take care of a refrigerator. We will discuss how illness is spread and why the corner and behind the door is important to clean. We intend this course to help your staff to clean the house properly. Two days course, 1p.m. to 5p.m. VENUE: Maharajgunj FEE: Rs. 2,500


For Household Staff

Our clients and their staff often face problems when not communicating face to face. If your staff could read and write memos or notes, things could be easier for you. We present this reading and writing course that will enable your household staff to read notes/memos, write simple sentences, and take telephone messages. This will also help your staff to get employed after you leave. This is a two months course, 5 days a week, one hour a day.FEE: Rs. 7,000


For Household Staff

Participants will be able to cook the following items.
1. Kungpao chicken
2. Fried prawns in chilly sauce
3. Carrot cake with orange glaze
4. Wonton soup
5. Spring roll with sweet and sour sauce
Date: 29 May 2011 Time: 1.00 pm to 5.00 pm Venue: Maharajgunj Fee: Rs. 1,200


For Household Staff

ECS cooking course is an opportunity for your maid or cook to improve his/her cooking skills. At the end of this course, participants will be able to work as a cook independently and can even organize a small party. The course content includes information on different food items for practical cooking and will also make them aware about kitchen hygiene. We teach them how to prepare indian, chinese and continental items, as well as basic Western cooking techniques like simmer, sauté, etc. We will also discuss how to organize a kitchen, to prepare menus, cutting techniques, steps for serving food during small and big parties. We will also teach them how to keep food and the kitchen hygienically clean. This course helps them improve their skills so your staff will not only serve you better while you are here, but they will find it easier to find a job when you leave. Duration of course: 6 weeks, five days a week and two hours a day.VENUE: Maharajgunj FEE: Rs.15,000


For Household Staff

Participants will be able to cook the following items.
1. Spicy Chicken Drumstick
2. Eggplant Salad
3. Mixed Vegetables Curry
4. Red Chicken with Bamboo shoots
5. Egg Fried Rice with fry onions
DATE: 24 April 2011, TIME: 1.00 pm to 5.00 pm,
VENUE: Maharajgunj, FEE: Rs. 1,200