5 things to do in Nepal

1. Sari

If you’re a woman and are invited somewhere traditional, a sari is the way to go. From cotton to silk to chiffon to fancy embroidery, there’s something for every price point. After you’ve picked a sari you love, go to the area around Indrachowk, this is where you’ll find small shops with walls jam-packed with fabrics of all colors. The expert shopkeepers will have no trouble finding cloth to make a tailor-made blouse and petticoat to match your sari!

2. Daura Suruwal

This traditional men’s attire is what you might want to have made for yourself if you’ve been invited to traditional occasions. Suits and boots are classy, but this attire gives a simple yet manly appearance. To get your piece, you can visit several tailors located around Indrachowk. Note that these places also make modern suits, if you need one of those as well




3. Haku Patasi

Worn by Newari women in and around Kathmandu Valley, the haku patasi is a black sari with red borders. Made of local handmade cloth, it is usually heavier than the regular sari. A long white piece of cloth called a patuki is wrapped around the waist when wearing this attire. A chaubandi cholo, a full-sleeved blouse tied at four ends, is worn as the top, and above it is worn a shawl (haku gacha).


4. Chaubandi Choli, Patuki, and Fariya

Now, this is something that turns a girl into the cutest version of themselves. A Dhaka blouse with different geometrical patterns, a patuki wrapped around the waist, and a colorful skirt below are combined to complete this dress code. It is worn as regular attire in rural areas, but in case of Kathmandu, you can see girls and women dancing in it at cultural ceremonies.


5. Bakkhu

Boudha is where you want to go to find these beautiful flowing garments, traditionally worn by Tibetans and those from the Sherpa and other related ethnic groups. As with the sari, you can pick the material for the main dress and for the blouse before having it tailored to fit. Not only is it beautiful, it’s also very forgiving of any and all body types. You can also find shops that make these in the area around Thahity by Thamel.