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  • Repository of Timeless Art

    Swosti Rajbhandari Kayastha

    This beautiful, historic palace celebrate twenty years of its new life as a museum, and is worth a visit today as much as ever!  Born out of a UNESCO master plan prepared in 1976, as a museum of religious art, the Patan museum was twenty years in

  • The Nava Durgas

    Swosti Rajbhandari Kayastha

    The Nava Durgas Among the countless number of deities in the Hindu pantheon, the mother goddesses are a class apart.  Dashain, the greatest festival of Hindus in Nepal, is a time of wholesome fun and never-ending feasts. It is also an occasion for enthusiastic religious fervor,

  • Raise it Up, Let's Build it Again

    Evangeline Neve

      Raise it Up, Let’s Build it Again  Recently, I had the pleasure of speaking at length with Mani Lama, a descendent of the original Chinia Lama, whose family has been, for years, the guardians and caretakers of the epic Boudhanath Stupa. In last month’s

  • A Journey to Salvation

    Sambid Bilas Pant

    A Journey to Salvation  We had our breakfast in 'Yak Donald's', Nepal's answer to McDonald's, and saw the early morning sun kissing the cold hard mountain as she started to dazzle like gold. When I watched 'Paths of the soul', a movie about Tibetan pilgrims

  • Appeasing the Gods of Rain

    Swosti Rajbhandari Kayastha

    Nepal's monsoon season on display in New York. Festivals have been a part of the Nepali culture since the times they have been inscribed in stone, leaves, barks of trees,and paper. Anyone visiting Nepal, and the Nepalis themselves, are in awe of the number of festivals celebrated, making it

  • Ghintang Ghishi Twaak!


    Gaijatra was started to show a queen that she wasn’t the only one to lose a loved one. Today it continues to help people who have lost their own realize that they are not alone in their grief as well. All my life, I have watched Gaijatra processions from

  • Kumari Puja Women on Top

    Alok Tuladhar

    Kumari Puja literally means worship of the virgin. And that is all there is to it – to the casual onlooker. If one looks deeper, however, one will find a richer and more meaningful significance behind this elaborate festival, to participate in which people have literally broken each other’s bones.

  • What lies below

    Kapil Bisht

    On January 30, the Cultural Studies Group of Nepal (CSGN) organized its first monthly lecture of 2013 at the Shanker Hotel. The topic was alluring: Archaeological work in Lumbini, the birthplace of Buddha. Robin Coningham, Professor of Archaeology at the University of Durham, and Kosh Prasad Acharya, Nepal’s eminent field

  • Art and community

    Aayush Niroula

    A team of artists and non artists in Patan come together to produce beautiful art that is part of their culture and community I always get lost in Patan, can’t make heas or tais of all the roads and gullies that run like lines on an old map. I think

  • A royal heartbreak

    Krita Raut

    If you look for Kathmandu on Google Earth, one historical monument will stand out distinctly. You will see a green patch amidst a chaotic maze of buildings and as you zoom in, the white temple in the middle of the patch gets visible. Ironically, Rani Pokhari, a 17th century monument