Delectable BBQ Nepali Style at Bajeko Sekuwa

Food Issue 183 Feb, 2017

The cheerful logo of the Bajeko Sekuwa chain of restaurants can be seen more and more around town these days. That’s because they now have eight outlets around the city, plus two smaller kiosks, and even branches in Bharatpur and Pokhara!

From its humble beginnings as a small sekuwa eatery near the airport, Bajeko Sekuwa—a name it received from its dedicated customers—has risen in popularity over the more than three decades since it first began.

The most popular dishes are, as you can imagine, sekuwa—particularly mutton—but that’s not to say that sekuwa of other meat are not in demand. Whatever the source, only fresh meat is used, and from the charcoal grilled meat to the hot bone soup to the crunchy, tasty organs, every bit is deliciously prepared and enthusiastically received by their clientele.

The Jhaneko Sekuwa we tasted was definitely the highlight of our meal, and I loved the hearty, warming bone soup—it was easy to see why it is such a popular menu item here. There are also tasty veg options for the non-meat eaters, like Paneer Pakoda and Veg Sekuwa. Additionally, Bajeko Sekuwa has recently launched four new varieties of mo:mo, including the Sizzler Mo:mo—this is a surprising and fun twist on a popular classic and I am sure it will also be well received by the many regular patrons of Bajeko Sekuwa.