The Genuine Taste of Local Sekuwa

Food Issue 195 Jan, 2018
Text by ECS Staff

Bajeko Sekuwa origins are a wonderful example of how a simple idea plus hard work can combine to create something really wonderful. Over forty years ago Dinanath Bhandari happened to be in the area near Tribhuvan airport and noticed that there weren’t any good places people could eat. This gave him the idea to start making sekuwa using his own variation on the BBQ flavors he’d learned while working in India in his younger years. As he was older and wore traditional daura-suruwal, people started calling him "Baje"  and as his popularity grew the place came to be known as Bajeko Sekuwa. From those humble beginnings Bajeko Sekuwa has now grown to have six outlets, five franchised restaurants, and one kiosk all around the valley.

While the delicious and unique flavors of the mutton sekuwa are what keep customers returning again and again, it’s also popular due to its high hygiene standards. Bajeko Sekuwa places a strong importance on their quality control and regularly audits each branch and franchise, both with scheduled visits and surprise checks to make sure that its cleanliness and quality standards are met, with the result that whichever branch a customer visits, they can be assured of the same tasty, safe, healthy food choices. And while of course sekuwa is what made them famous and continues to be their most popular menu item, there are also many other great Nepali dishes to enjoy here, with new choices being added all the time, so try something new next time you visit Bajeko Sekuwa!

If you’re craving Bajeko Sekuwa’s great taste on other occasions, they also provide catering for picnics, home parties and other events. Whatever your need, they can make it happen. They also have tie-ups with local food delivery companies such as (insert names here) so you can enjoy their delicious dishes at your own home anytime.