Run, pedal, raft - the COAS International Tri-Adventure Competition 2019!

Happening Issue 213 Aug, 2019
Text by Evangeline Neve

Are you an adventurous person looking for a challenge? Well, you know about triathlons, but have you heard about the Tri-Adventure event? In September, Nepal’s own 6th National and 3rd COAS International Tri-Adventure Competition 2019 is happening. Though it’s already a few years old, the event popped up on my radar for the very first time this month. What is a Tri-Adventure Competition, you may ask? Well, it’s a race that combines trail running, mountain biking and rafting, beginning at Baireni and continuing along (and in) the Trisuli River: a uniquely Nepali challenge. The event is the brainchild of Major Rajiv Chand, who started an Army Adventure Wing in the Nepal Army. A keen sportsman, he is passionate about promoting Nepal as an adventure sports destination, and he and his team have also participated in competitions abroad. Listening to him talk about Nepal’s potential in this area was infectious, and even though I’m not the type of athlete he’s targeting, I still found myself getting excited when hearing about the race.

If it’s something that appeals you, the Tri-Adventure Competition 2019 is currently open for entries—it’s not an individual race, though, but a 4-person team event, and there is, understandably, a selection process to go through; they’re looking for people with a history of racing and good fitness levels, though Major Chand encourages a wide variety of people to sign up. Last year 33 teams applied and a total of 14 competed; this year they’re expecting even more. The event begins with a 6.7 km trail run, 26 km of mountain biking, and finally a rafting section. If it sounds like a challenge, it’s supposed to be—but an amazing and fun one.

There is no entry fee, it’s organized by the Nepal Army to promote adventure sports in Nepal—and it’s not their only event. Earlier this year they held the second COAS High Altitude Tri-Adventure Competition in Jomsom, which swaps ice climbing for rafting; they plan to keep both going as annual events.

This race is happening on September 18, 2019 (1 Asoj 2076) So if you think you’ve got what it takes, gather a team and sign up. There are prizes and, most of all, bragging rights.

For more information, contact Maj. Rajiv Chand at 9841537160 or or find registration forms at: Army Physical Training and Sports Center, Lagankhel, Himalayan Single Track, Thamel, Lalitpur and Kathmandu Bike Station, Epic Mountain Bike and Gravity Nepal.