Things to do this November

Text by Evangeline Neve

The mercury falling gives way to a set of uniquely Nepali delights that, while most can be enjoyed year-round, are especially satisfying at this time of year. Pick one to try this month!



There’s no better time to enjoy this traditional beverage: hot water poured over fermented millet makes for a drink that is warming and satisfying. It’s also relaxing—you can sip tongba for hours and there are few ways to improve on a winter evening than by sitting with a friend or six, chatting and sipping away at this delicious brew as the day’s tensions slip away. Pairing it with some tasty Tibetan food is always a good idea, too.

Wooly wears

Now’s the time to pull out your season appropriate clothing and get cozy: pashmina scarves and stoles are always a chic choice, and those large more rustic woolen shawls make perfect throws when you’re home or wraps when you’re out. Head to Thamel for all your other knitwear needs—scarves, hats, sweaters and cozy slippers are all available, often for amazing prices.

Valley views

Clear winter weather is just the time for great views and awesome photos. Climb or drive up a hill—Shivapuri, Phulchowki and Chandragiri being just a few of the many choices—and enjoy the sight of Kathmandu sprawling below you off into the distance and, if you’re in the right place at the right time, the snow-capped Himalaya beyond.

Play a game of futsal

Sometimes the best thing when it’s chilly is to get some vigorous exercise. Futsal grounds are everywhere in the valley now—they don’t take up much space and so are a perfect fit for bustling Kathmandu—and a quick Google search is sure to turn up one in your neighborhood. There are even league games if you’d rather watch than play, but really, jumping into a game yourself is something you should try at least once.

Read a book in bed

If it’s one of those days when you just can’t bring yourself to be active, why not read something, perhaps a book by one of the many great Nepali writers? Laxmi Prasad Devkota,Manjushree Thapa, Yuyutsu Sharma, Rabi Thapa, Sushma Joshi and Narayan Wagle are just a few of the writers of poetry, fiction and non-fiction whose work is worth spending time with on a chilly winter evening, or anytime, really.