Five things to do in Thamel

Text by Maitrie Lopchan

Milkshake at Keventers

The chill is lifting, so while in Thamel Keventers is a must, for their thick creamy milkshake; it’s amazing how you finish it without even realizing it. They have a huge selection of menu options, so choose one, or even two—no one will judge you! Oreo, KitKat, chocolate chip, bubblegum, caramello popcorn—these are just some of the milkshakes to choose from. They are served in a cute little bottle, which you can take home for free, how cool is that? You can use it as your water bottle after properly cleaning it, just be careful as it’s glass and a bit fragile.

Fries at B.K.’s Place
Yes, who doesn’t love fries, and B.K.’s Place serves the freshest, quickest fries and on top of that it’s all so delicious. Although you have to pay extra for sauces, they are as good as the fries and well worth it. I usually get tartar sauce and it’s what I would recommend personally, but you can explore all the options. Apart from that you get to choose the quantity of fries; small, medium, or large, so choose wisely according to how hungry you are, just make sure you don’t get addicted. Says a person who has already become addicted to B.K’s fries.

Pay a visit to Pilgrims Book House
If you are a bookworm then Pilgrims Book House is for you, and even if you are not a reader, visiting here will not disappoint you. With lots of souvenirs, scarves, accessories, and most importantly books, you can say it’s like heaven for a bookworm. From fiction to memoirs and poetry to culinary books, whatever you’re looking for lies in here. So take your time and browse the books that are available in this historic bookshop. There is comfortable seating available in few of the rooms, so you can choose some books and read a few paragraphs before finding the perfect purchase.

Art galleries galore
In Thamel, art galleries are abundant, and shouldn’t be missed. Going to galleries and appreciating the artists’ creative and often painstaking work is a great way to spend a few hours. Thanka galleries are also scattered around Thamel, so find a place which you think suits your interests best, and don’t be afraid to check out different types of art—you might discover something that will surprise you. Ritual Thanka, Gallery Tibet House, Creative Art Gallery and Universal Art Gallery are some of the many around Thamel. You might even find something you really like it to take home and showcase.

Spend some time at Bhagawan Bahal
Apart from leisure and fun sometimes giving priority to culture is essential, and tucked away inside this busy tourist area you’ll find Bhagawan Bahal, rumored to be standing for almost a millennium. The monastery is only open from 7 am to 9 am, though, so you’ll need to be there early in the morning if you want to experience it. Bhagawan Bahal is located right opposite Chaya Center, and even though the entrance to the temple will be closed after 9 am, there is seating available by the entrance, and you can worship from the outside at any time. The ambiance is really relaxing and you can read your books and just calm your mind, a perfect place to ignore the busy activities going on around you for a while.