Five things to do this Winter

Text by Maitrie Lopchan


Enjoying hot food and beverages

Who does not want to drink hot coffee or tea early in the morning, or a wonderful hot chocolate anytime during the winter? Keep your body warm with jhol momo, thukpa, tongba and hot drinks of all kinds. With lots of restaurants and cafés providing their own take on these and more, there’s variety aplenty.

Holiday celebrations

The coming of winter also brings Christmas and New Year’s Eve festivities. Many hotels and restaurants offer themed menus and party packages and you can enjoy live music and special offers—from top 5 stars to cozy eateries, there’s something for every budget. Or you can just a take a stroll around Thamel and enjoy the vibe and bustle of excited people.

Winter Shopping

There’s no doubt that we can also shop during summer, but there is a difference— winter is packed with warm and cozy clothes, with lots of accessories to choose from. Gloves, mufflers, hats—even Christmas themed hairbands or party hats.

Bask in the sun and eat peanuts

Just as Nepali households have done since the old days, we can also do the same. Basking in the sun and eating peanuts is different kind of pleasure. If you have company it’s just wonderful and adds more flavor. If peanuts are not your thing then just turn your back towards the sun and use your phone or read a novel; at least get out and get some Vitamin D.


With freezing winter nights, if you’re feeling bored staying at home, why not go to one of Kathmandu’s clubs and dance the night away—you’ll burn some calories and at least you won’t feel cold; so go show off some moves, and get that body working. Or just put on headphones, close the door, switch off the lights and dance alone if you’re an introvert like me.