Alternative Cures: Magnet Therapy

Features Issue 63 Jul, 2010
Text by Utsav Shakya

Magnet Therapy originated in Egypt and China more than five thousand years ago. History however, also brings to light the fact that similar practices were common in ancient Indian medicine.

Twenty-three year old Amit Manandhar is an up and coming web designer with a  peculiar problem that has proved to be a great nuisance for him professionally. He has a rare kind of dust and cold air allergy that makes tears well up in his eyes frequently. The peculiar part is that the tears do not run down his face but remain welled up inside his eyes. For someone whose profession requires him to remain glued to the computer screen for hours on end, this became a huge problem. Since undergoing Magnet Therapy, Manandhar has seen a slow but steady progress. After suffering for eighteen months, Manandhar says that Magnet Therapy has helped him overcome this hurdle.

Another patient, thirty four-year old Dinesh Karmacharya saw no development in his severe backache even after more than three months of expensive laser therapy in reputed private hospitals and strong doses of antibiotics. He could just manage to walk, and that too only by supporting himself with both hands. For an entrepreneur like Karmacharya, this posed a serious threat to his career. Then by chance, a friend suggested Magnet Therapy, and Karmacharya started visiting Dr. Subhendu Gupta’s clinic. Since then, for him, Magnet Therapy has proven to be nothing short of a miracle. It brought quick results to his problem and he can now walk without any kind of support. Within six months and for a cheaper treatment by far, Karmacharya feels confident that he will be back to work soon.

“I take pride in attending to patients who have undergone allopathic treatment and still have not found a satisfying cure to their problems,” says Dr. Subhendu Gupta, one of the small number of well-trained physicians practicing Magnet Therapy in the valley. “The fact that I have been able to help so many people who have not found a satisfying allopathic solution speaks for itself. Magnet Therapy, considered an alternate medicine the world over, has had its share of skeptics, but its growing popularity must mean that we have something good going.”

“I am not saying that allopathic treatments are wrong, but there are alternate ways such as Magnet Therapy that have produced promising results and have changed the lives of many,” adds Dr. Gupta. “About the fact that there are many skeptics who have always challenged alternate medicine, I can only say that there are some under trained practitioners of alternate medicine taking advantage of the publicity that has been created. These people use cheaper, low grade materials and unfortunate accidents have occurred. Spreading awareness about trained physicians and proper treatment methods is the only way to stop such accidents in the future.”

What is Magnet Therapy?
Magnet Therapy originated in Egypt and China more than five thousand years ago. History however, also brings to light the fact that similar practices were common in ancient Indian medicine. Magnet Therapy initially started with the use of natural magnets such as a Lodestone whose magnetic properties were applied to cure sores and other ailments. Studies into the effect of bio-chemicals and magnetic field effects and also the effects of the two poles of a magnet were studied by Paracelsus and Albert Ray Davis respectively. In recent years we have seen a rising popularity in Magnet Therapy, mostly because it is a far less expensive way of treatment that guarantees zero side effects. Like any other form of medicine, there have been many advances in this field too, which has led to improvd results.

Magnet Therapy comes under a branch of alternative medicine known as Naturopathy.

Naturopathy is a system of treatment based on the principle of removing the cause, preventing the occurrence and regulating and improving the body’s vital force with the aid of five elements, namely earth, air, water, sun and sky. Magnet Therapy comes under the earth element, which reorganizes the body’s disorganized natural charges developed by causes such as stress, trauma and old age. Magnet Therapy has simply exploited the properties of a magnet and found multiple, successful usage in literally hundreds of medical cases.

The two poles of a magnet, the north and the south have different effects on the natural magnetic field of the human body. The human body consists of millions of blood vessels which have a considerable amount of iron content in them. Magnet Therapy diagnoses the cause of the imbalance created in the body and uses the appropriate therapeutic magnets to restore the desired balance. Naturopathy maintains that the human body is a living machine that functions normally with the aid of a proper quantity of certain compounds existing within it. Any disturbance in this quantity or a disorganization of charges is what leads to a malfunction in the related organ or system.

Suitable magnets are placed on the area of the body that has been affected. The disorganized charges with the help of the magnets are realigned which brings the body back to its original balanced state. The treatment can then be discontinued as the body’s vital force now suffices in necessitating all the body’s activities.

The south pole of a magnet has characteristics that produce a cooling effect on our bodies. It pushes the body towards an alkaline state, slows down blood circulation, increases oxygen supply and helps absorb intra cellular fluids. The north pole of a magnet has the exact opposite characteristics. It generates a heating effect on our body i.e. expands the body for treatment, softens organs and energizes the body within a short time. Different cases require the usage of either the north or the south or both poles of the magnet to be used during therapy on a patient. “Care has to be taken while applying the magnets on our body as the body is divided by naturopathy into positive and negative meridians and there are particular rules as to which magnet is to be applied and where,” says Dr. Gupta.

“More than ninety percent of the cases occur due to disorganized positive charges. Only a small percentage of complaints are results of disorganized negative charges,” explains Dr. Gupta. Disorganization can be due to many factors such as physical and mental stress, long time sickness, sleeping disorders, food poisoning and old age to name a few. Physical stress is mostly local which implies that a certain region of the body is infected. General stress defines those cases where our entire physical system loses its natural balance.

“A lot of the cases we treat are accidents that cause a certain area on the body to be affected adversely,” says Dr. Gupta. “Such cases are treated using the magnet’s south pole’s characteristics where the magnet increases oxygen flow and the alkaline medium that is promoted stops the bacteria from growing. Disc pro-lapse is one case where both north and south magnets are used.  Disc pro-lapse is caused due to the adverse shift of the disc/s in the spinal cord of the body. The south magnet heats and softens the affected area whereas the north magnet pushes the disc of the back to its original position.”

What can Magnet Therapy cure?

Many other ailments such as arthritis, sinus, insomnia, stress and gastritis can be treated and cured with the aid of Magnet Therapy.  All of these diseases are treated with Magnet Therapy and other supplementary doses of homeopathic medicine. Apart from just applying proper magnets of the required strength to the body, magnetized water is also another supplementary form of treatment at Dr. Gupta’s Naturopathic clinic. Magnetized water is simply water which has been exposed to magnets because of which it retains the properties of a magnet. Drinking this water causes the magnetized forces to cleanse and massage the affected areas of the body that need attention. All the magnets that are used in Dr. Gupta’s clinic are imported therapeutic magnets and he emphatically states that a message go out to the general public ‘to not try Magnet Therapy at home with cheaply available magnets’. The magnets that are used in therapy are special magnets which are manufactured specially for Magnet Therapy treatment.

 “I do understand how and why it is difficult for people to try something different for their health problems. Allopathy has been around for a much long time and has proven to be a promising means of treating diseases. But naturopathic treatments such as Magnet Therapy are making their presence felt in the city and outside as well,” says Dr. Gupta.

Dr. Gupta obviously, has put his money where his mouth is. A visit to his modest clinic behind the Blue Cross Hospital in Tripureswor will show that Dr. Subhendu Gupta believes Magnet Therapy can and is helping people. His records show that he has treated more than twelve thousand patients since the opening of his home clinic in 1995. A lot of those patients are still undergoing treatment here as Naturopathic treatment opts for a slower approach to treating diseases.

“I see a bright future for Magnet Therapy along with all the different Naturopathic treatment in Nepal. It might take some time for it to come to the mainstream like Allopathy, but I have seen an almost exponential growth in recent years in patients at my clinic,” informs Dr. Gupta. “Something this affordable and so easily available, has a greater role to play in the Nepali society. We should not take a backseat because of some unfounded skepticism. I want to open a workshop that promotes and trains people in Naturopathy. I want to see this field prosper and get all the adulation and support it rightly deserves,” adds Dr. Gupta, his friendly face lighting up at his own vision.

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