A Glittering Bazaar

By Bibeka Bazra 2018-09-09

Pote holds a significant value to every Nepali married woman, especially in Brahmin and Chhetri cultures. Pote is a necklace made from around 20 strands of glittering colored glass beads, with or without a hollow golden tube called tilahari attached to it as a pendant. The necklace is given to a woman at her wedding, and therefore, defines the marital status of Nepali women. There are around 40 shops in the Pote Bazaar area located in Indrachowk, packed and hung with strings of beads of various lengths and colors. Red, green, and yellow color palettes dominate the shelves of the shops. In addition to the simple strands of beads, there are many other adornments with more intricate designs; patterned necklaces, interestingly shaped pendants, and ornamented bracelets. One quirky fact about Pote Bazaar is that, most of the shops are run by the Muslims who came to Kathmandu as traders at the time of King PratapMalla (1624–74 A.D.). Indrachowk’sPote Bazaar acts a symbol reflecting religious tolerance between communities. Additionally, it is undeniable that the Pote Bazaar in Nepal has given the valley an essence of the legendary roots that define our culture.