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  • Food of a Different Time

    Sachi Mulmi

    Satya Mohan Joshi has never been shy in admitting that he is partial to a nip of alcohol before bed. “I’ve been open about the fact that I used to drink a peg whenever I got my hands on it,” he shares. He used to take it regularly at one

  • A Day in the Life of

    Kashish Das Shrestha

    Mr. Jawed Ashraf''s book ,'A Day in the Life of Kathmandu' is not a political reflection of a diplomat from one of Nepal’s most important neighbors; it is simply an honest and a passionate photographic homage to Nepal.  The glorious madness of Ason at dusk; it hits you

  • A Deep Story:The Musical Journey of Deep Shrestha

    Sambid Bilas Pant

    His journey began at Radio Nepal, where he started singing for Rs.10 per song. It was there that he was offered some great opportunities to record and explore his musical self with a great deal of independence. The fondest memory of my childhood was watching my grandfather weaving janai

  • Weaving Magic with Humble Hands

    Sambid Bilas Pant

    She had used a strategy that was not only economically viable, but also generated a lot of employment.  It all started on one fine Friday evening at the Siddhartha Art Gallery, Babar Mahal. The sun was bidding farewell to the sky by coloring the clouds and gently

  • The Curious Case of Laxmi's Buttons

    Sambid Bilas Pant

    The act of buttoning up to get ready, and unbuttoning as the sun goes down, is a common phenomenon, but we hardly notice the little piece of art that defines fashion. I was returning home on a tempo being driven by a young lady, probably in her

  • Contemporizing Tradition

    Ichchha Pradhan

    “Nepali artisans are among the most gifted in the world, and we seek to prove it by creating superior products that match modern aesthetics with traditional skills.”    Hidden in the alleys of Mangalbazar, Yala Gallery exhibits local fine art and craft in an old heritage edifice. Consisting

  • Back to the 70's

    Shreesha Nankhwa

    Ever wondered why that one street off Basantapur is called “Freak Street”? We sit down with Mr. Shyam Kakshyapati, owner of the Nanglo chain of restaurants, who grew up in the midst of the hippy craze in Nepal, to find out how Jhochhen acquired its unique name. The seventies

  • Bags with Purpose A Story Worth Hearing

    Evangeline Neve

      An interview with Dr. Milan Maharjan, the founder of Ear Care Nepal, a charity which helps in the redressal of a pressing health issue that pervades the country. Recently I was invited to attend the launch of a new line of eco-friendly handbags; it was

  • Enamored by Choila

    Ichchha Pradhan

    Put your race face on! Asian Enduro Series comes to Nepal. Italian by origin, Tina Geraldi has been living in London for the past 20 years. She is involved in an array of activities—part-time teacher in universities to translator from English to Italian, she even has British clients going

  • Dreaming Big

    As Told To Kabita Mandal

    “In the Blink of an eye, we can all make a difference”- Maggie Doyne, BlinkNow Founder, & CNN Hero of the Year. After high school, New Jersey teenager Maggie Doyne decided to travel the world with her backpack. While trekking through the Himalayas in war-torn Nepal, Maggie’s