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  • My dream, is if I make money, I will buy those buildings, pull them down, and plant trees.”

    Evangeline Neve

    One of the country’s tourism veterans shares his vision of green, high-value cultural tourism. Kantipur Temple House, down a small alley in Jyatha, is a place I’ve driven past over the years but never entered, so I wasn’t prepared for the little gem I discovered when I walked inside.

  • Conservation is not an Impediment to Development

    Evangeline Neve

    Conservation is not an Impediment to Development Talking with the WWF about 25 years of preserving Nepal’s natural assets. By Evangeline Neve May 19, 2018, is the 25th anniversary of the opening of the Nepal country office of the World Wildlife Fund (WWF). They’ve been

  • Runner Extraordinaire

    Evangeline Neve

    Runner Extraordinaire “I kind of fell into racing at the long end!” –Ultra-runner Lizzy Hawker by Evangeline Neve After just five minutes’ conversation with Lizzy Hawker, I was in awe. All I could ask myself was how I had managed to go so long

  • Dancing with the Yaks: Mountain Biking in Nepal

    Sambid Bilas Pant

    Dancing with the Yaks: Mountain Biking in Nepal Words: Sambid Bilas Pant Photos: Santosh Rai Santosh Rai traded his raft paddles for a pair of bicycle pedals 16 years ago, and hasn’t stopped mountain biking since. From exploring the country through the whitewaters to traveling

  • Practical Preservation

    Evangeline Neve

    Practical Preservation by Evangeline Neve An intelligent, pleasantly soft-spoken man, Dilendra Shrestha has done a lot in the Patan area that has been successful and is now widely emulated. I had a chance to sit down with him and ask him about it. I’m particularly interested in the

  • Walk for Peace, Walk in Hope

    Bhikshu Krishna Man Manandhar is a simple monk attempting to realize great visions. Through his work, he has been trying to bring the world’s religions together in an effort to bring peace to this world. Walking meditation, also known as Parikrama in Sanskrit, Kora in Tibetan, and

  • Learning From the Past, Aiming High Today

    Svati Garg

      Learning From the Past, Aiming High Today An organization is only as good as its leader, and there is no doubt that he is one of the best in the country, but he has a massive responsibility on his shoulders today. As the flag

  • A How-to for Healthy, Happy Holidays

    A How-to for Healthy, Happy Holidays  A chat with the capital’s leading travel medicine center on how you can stay healthy as you trek and explore. Evangeline Neve in conversation with Prativa Pandey, M.D. This month we are focusing

  • The Guardians of the Stupa

    Evangeline Neve

    Boudhanath Stupa is one of Nepal’s world heritage site monuments, and one of the holiest places for Tibetan Buddhists pretty much anywhere in the world. Even for those who follow other religious paths, it is a location of immense power and wonderment; no matter how many times I

  • Remembering B.K. Shrestha

    Binayak Shah

    A businessman, tourism pioneer, and family man whose legacy will live on in the lives of many. Bidhya Krishna (B.K.) Shrestha used to speak politely, precisely, and in very soft tone. He never pressurized people to do things in his way, still he achieved a lot in his lifetime.