Valentine's Day Getaway - Beauty and Peace at Raniban Retreat

Getaway Issue 195 Jan, 2018
Text by ECS Staff

Raniban Retreat, open since 2012, is a eco-friendly and socially conscious boutique resort located on the Raniban—or Queen’s forest—hilltop, overlooking Pokhara.

Whether you are planning a trip to Pokhara for the first time, or embarking on a return visit, Raniban is the place to choose for a memorable, peaceful stay. The view from Raniban is amazing—perhaps the best view you can get while still keeping your feet on the ground: the magnificent Himalayan panorama, the great Fewa Lake and Pokhara Valley all opening up beneath you for a sight you’ll never forget.

Due to its location, it is without a doubt one of the most peaceful places in Pokhara. Raniban Retreat boasts 10 clean, comfortable rooms; the small, boutique hotel is thus able to offer a cozy, personalized experience along with all the amenities needed by today’s discerning traveler.

With Valentine’s Day just around the corner, there couldn’t be a more amazing and memorable choice for a getaway with the one you love: with its great views, tastefully decorated rooms, sumptuous food, a spa, and attentive and traditional hospitality, Raniban Retreat is the place to celebrate the day of love in style. Your romantic journey begins with a boat ride across the lake before climbing to the secluded, peaceful retreat. Peaceful, private, rooms boast breathtaking views of the Annapurnas--here you are never far from the beauty of the mountains. Enjoy your early morning tea or coffee while watching the sunrise, and a candlelit dinner overlooking the picturesque Pokhara Valley—a perfect package for an idyllic getaway that will take your breath away.