Food Issue 195 Jan, 2018
Text by ECS Staff

Within the walls of Bhojan Griha, all of Nepal, showcased in a single evening.

Bhojan: indulgent feast of food. Griha: not only home or a house, but the nation itself, a feast and celebration on, in, for, about: Nepali. True to its word this hidden treasure provides degustation styled experiences complimented by dance from various cultures and class service. This spectacle of cultural rejuvenation is perfect for tourists, those returning from abroad or any group ( 2-90 pax) sourcing a classy meeting over dinner.
Located just off Dilli Bazaar, the 21st century version has ambient preservation to the original building; an impeccably restored mini-palace; high ceilinged halls echo the Rana, Shah and Malla dynasties, as it once homed an influential priest, Badha Guruju. No plastic nor overtly Western presence besides small adjustments in washrooms and a stocked drinking space.

Once seated there’s a feeling of royalty and exoticism; on the floor, but with a backrest. Immediately anti  (brass snouted vessel) splashes organic raksi (local alcohol) into your tiny salincha (clay cup) by an expert hand from high above.
The platform for conversing, a cheers and nibbles is perfect. Tapas-like morsel sized cuisines from gundruk to popped corn, to seasoned potatoes, all fresh vegetables delivered at 8 am each morning from organic farms to the store downstairs.

Waiters seamlessly clear and set fresh momos as the band starts a slow trance over the room, jeers from the Sarangi player accompany the vedic accordion recitals. The floor saunters and is graced by two women dancing in Newari garments with measured elegance to stony rhythm. Followed up by a flirtatious young couple in a playful presentation of the Gurung’s heritage dance.

The performances are engaging, but don’t overpower conversations As elaborate Thakali takes the table Bahun & Chhetri dance to dimmed lights and candles illuminate a festive feeling of Tihar. Plates filled one dish after the other; sauteed mushroom drizzled in a rich garlic stocky sauce, fish battered to a surprising quality, pickled sauce, seasonal cauliflower curried with peas and carrots in a sweet, warm blend. Topped off with staple Dal and Bhat sided with gravied boneless chicken. Meal set, lights up, action. Tamangis dance a playful and upbeat number which crescendos to roars from the audience as they feast.

As a rice pudding is served up in goblet I sense the performance is coming to a close, just as one starts to read unrushed toward the end of a descent novel, we try soak it in, slowly.

With deserts; Maithili adorned topped with candles, fire gestures between grace and charisma. Followed by the curtain performance of the Tharus who waltz the dining into closure.

* Set in a century old building.

* Previously owned by royal priest

* Organic foods and ambiance, reflecting Nepali culture.

* Owner Bharat Basnet preserved and maintained Bhojan Griha to showcase its historical elements.

Address: Dilibazaar, Kathmandu
Phone No: 01-4416423
Contact Person: Samir K.C
(Bussiness Development Manager, 9841741948)