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June 2018

  • 5 Things to do in Asan

    5 Things to do in Asan

    Samyak Shrestha

    Asan, more properly defined as the beating heart of Kathmandu, encompasses the rich culture and lifestyle of the Nepali people. Untouched, raw, and full of vibrant tradition, Asan can definitely attract the attention of any audience. Hence, we will show you all the things you can do while you are

  • Adding Zest to your Life

    Adding Zest to your Life

    Joshua Ryan

    Being assigned to check out AchaarGhar—‘pickled sauce house’ in English—excited me, as it had been on my radar for some time. After living in Kathmandu for a couple of years as an ‘expat’, one is recommended many different niche restaurants by locals and other foreigners, who have spent

  • My dream, is if I make money, I will buy those buildings, pull them down, and plant trees.”

    Evangeline Neve

    One of the country’s tourism veterans shares his vision of green, high-value cultural tourism. Kantipur Temple House, down a small alley in Jyatha, is a place I’ve driven past over the years but never entered, so I wasn’t prepared for the little gem I discovered when I walked inside. Or rather, I should say, a collection of sparkling wonders, because the more I looked, the more there was to discover. First things first, though. I was there to speak with Bharat Basnet, whom I had met before, though at his other venture, Bhojan Griha, a favorite for upscale traditional

  • The Shantipur Story

    Eliz Manandhar

    As King Pratap Malla entered the darkened vestibule of the temple, legions of bats awoke to the cadence of his footsteps and flapped and fluttered about in the dark, further intensifying the horrific omnipresent dread in the room. Serpents slithered into the room from other chambers, hissing about in the pitch-black. The king was carrying a lamp in one hand and a puja-offering in another; the lamplight flickered chaotically in the dark, and he had to pacify the cold serpents with the milk he was carrying. After a while, he heard faint and muffled cries coming from nearby. These soft

  • How Many Steps to Swayambhu?

    How Many Steps to Swayambhu?

    Josh Dewan

    It’s been a little more than three years now that, when going for jogging, I go up to Swayambhualmost every alternate day, taking the eastern stairway. If you jog, you will know what I mean when I say you tend to count your own steps. So, I counted

  • Rehabilitation of Culture Sector three years after Gorkha Earthquake

    Rehabilitation of Culture Sector three years after Gorkha Earthquake

    Kai Weise

    Countdown eighty years after the Great Earthquake of 1934 History shows us that every eighty to hundred years a great earthquake strikes Kathmandu. With the additional tremors such as those in 1988 and 2011 reminding us of the urgency of the situation, preparations were underway in anticipation

  • Marwari Mahotsav 2018

    Marwari Mahotsav 2018

    Esparsh Sarawagi

    Marwari (Marwadi)—the South Asian multi-linguistic group, particularly in India and Nepal—is an umbrella term that includes both Hindus and Jains who have originated from the eastern Rajasthan region, i.e. Marwar of India. The rich language of this community, Marwari, is included under the umbrella of Rajasthani languages, and is said

  • Ashtimki, an Ancient Form of Tharu Wall Painting

    Sanjib Chaudhary

    Ashtimki, an ancient tradition of painting the story of the evolution of life, holds great significance among the Tharus of western Nepal. While the Tharus in eastern Nepal draw Kohbar on their walls during marriages and other rituals, the Tharus in the west, particularly in Banke, Bardiya, Kailali, Kanchanpur, and Surkhet districts, adorn their walls with Ashtimki on the day of Krishna Janmasthami, the birthday of Lord Krishna. The painting, aesthetic in form, not only represents an art form, but depicts the Tharus’ version of the evolution of life and tells the story handed down from generation to generation.

  • Jan Salter: The Compassionate Artist

    Dinesh Rai

    I was to personally meet Jan Salter only when she established Kathmandu Animal Treatment (KAT) Centre near Budanilkantha in May 2004. But, within minutes, it seemed like I had known her all my life. There was a reassuring feeling of closeness, and her sincerity shone through when she spoke. Having joined ECS as Editor only months earlier, I was invited for the official opening, which was marked by the remarkable support her new organization received from famous personalities like HariBansha, Madan Krishna, AniChoying, and Kunda Dixit. Generally, official launching programs are dull affairs, but this one turned into an amazingly

  • Meditation Retreat under the Guidance of a Lama

    Susan Griffith-Jones

    When you are ensconced in the world of the Lamas, doing a retreat is not much of a big deal. “He’s gone into three-year retreat”, “She’s doing a retreat of such and such a practice”, “I’m thinking about doing a short retreat at such and such a holy place” are all commonplace conversations in that world. But, people outside of this realm have a bit of a hard time understanding what it’s all about. Just the idea of being locked away in a room all on your own, without contact to the outside world and doing nothing but meditation

  • A Family Lineage that Fabricates Reality from Buddhism

    A Family Lineage that Fabricates Reality from Buddhism


    Witness how NhuchheRatnaShakya unravels his enchanted creations, a legacy of his renowned father, Siddhi Raj Shakya. Incorporated in his artwork, the authentic Buddhist culture really does take flight with grace. When venturing within the crowded gallisof PatanSundhara (a tap made of gold), you will lay your eyes

  • Adventures on the Manjushree Trail

    Sushant Bajracharya

    Trekking on any trail in the midst of rugged nature is an adventure, but sometimes one finds more excitement than bargained for. In 1982, Alton C. Byers did the Kathmandu Rim Valley Trek; in 2010, Ashish Shrestha of HoneyGuide did it too, and here we were, in 2018, doing this trail again. The inspiration for hiking this trail came in one clear morning when the view of the hills from the roof of my house was crystal clear. Luckily, I got connected with HoneyGuide and was also able to crowd fund the trek via Grasruts, which propelled it to

  • Buzz June 2018

    Sacred Survival Interactive Art Exhibit ‘Sacred Survival: An exhibition of seven contemporary Thangka and Paubha painters’ was held at Siddhartha Art Gallery, Baber Mahal Revisited between May 11-21, 2018. Curated by Fulbright Researcher Michael Gordon, the event featured art by Lok Chitrakar, Muna Moktan, Tenzin Norbu, Bhim Thapa, Sonam Dolma Tamang, Tularam Lama and Karma Rinchhen Gurung. The art itself was incredible, but what made the exhibit something totally unique was the interactive element. Upstairs in the gallery, corners were arranged with canvas, cushions and art materials, a re-creation of the artists workspace and environment. Films were projected onto

  • An Eden Not Too Far

    Jaya Pandi Rai

    I feel a soft breeze against my cheeks, as leaves rustle and whisper amongst each other. The sunrays, playing a game of hide and seek with the large overhanging trees, are lost and found again in the beautiful shadows painted over the grass. I feel safeguarded, in peace, and far, far away from the bustling city, the noise, and the chaos. Everything here seems to be moving so slowly, at its own pace and at its own time. Everything seems to be effortless, simply falling into shape. As soon as I finish my observation, my words seem to immediately

  • The Pen - A Way of Writing by Susan M. Griffith-Jones

    J.S. Bhutia

    After traveling to the Muktinath valley, located high up in the beautiful Annapurna Conservation Park, in Mustang, northern Nepal, Susan M. Griffith-Jones penned a beautiful spiritual travelogue combined with colorful pictures of the place in The Rainbow Bridge. The first chapter of this work is ‘The Pen’, and after receiving comments from those who read The Rainbow Bridge, Susan found that this section had been especially appreciated and decided to mold it into an expanded work, which she entitled, The Pen, A Way of Writing. Writing has been considered as an art form in many cultures since time

  • Reliving the Heritage

    Reliving the Heritage

    Swosti Rajbhandari Kayastha

    The concept of cultural heritage tends to be associated with historic monuments and buildings, archaeological sites, art, and artifacts that affirm and enrich cultural identities as a legacy belonging to the past, which need to be preserved and continued for future generations to have a better understanding of