Fresh Tastes in a Classic Setting

Food Issue 207 Feb, 2019
Text by Shreeti Pandey

Within Patan Durbar Square, there is a café enriched by the ethnicity and charm of the area where it makes its home.  Serving a wide range of Nepali and Continental meals, it’s the Patan Museum Café. Stop for a quick lunch and give it a try once you are done exploring the Patan area. It is the second outlet of Dwarika's Hotel after Kaiser's Café in Baber Mahal; similar to the peaceful vibe of the latter, this is surrounded by serene courtyards of Patan Durbar Square and its gullis. The café is committed to celebrating Nepali culture, and you will see the staff dressed in ethnic attire and welcoming you with a true sense of hospitality. The location also carries the perseverance and renewal of typical Nepali culture, and brings a history and background similar to Dwarika's Hotel; it’s one of the reasons the hotel chose this location to operate another café, and it seems an excellent match.

Patan Museum Café is developing an original and delightful menu to cater to their guests, so that not just the environment, but the food itself forms part of the experience. As they apply four food principles: organic, local, seasonal, and less traveled, the food here is unforgettable, an experience to be enjoyed by both locals and tourists. Attention has been paid to all the details; for instance, the vegetables used at the café are grown by Dwarika Hotel’s own farm, ensuring the provenance and hygiene of what they serve.  Their food, too, combines both Nepali and Western ingredients and cooking techniques into something truly original.


A sampling of the delicious dishes we tried when we visited:

Juju Dhau: Based on the classic Juju Dhau, this heavenly-tasting bowl consists of local yoghurt and granola, bananas, dates, pomegranate, poppy seeds, and compote. The Juju Dhau brings sweetness, with the added ingredients providing flavor and tanginess and  resulting in a taste that’s really memorable.


Prawn Ravioli: Fresh egg pasta filled with prawns and spices served in a soup made of shrimps stock—light and flavorful, it’s a fine start to any meal.



Crown Chicken: The Patan Museum Café has opted for black rice, grown on their own farm, as an accompaniment to this tasty chicken dish, which is also served with herbed vegetables.



Beetroot with Goat Cheese Salad: A mixture of fresh salad leaves combined with marinated beetroot slices and goat cheese; a classic combination that is both healthy and refreshing.



Lime Almond Pastry: We ended our meal with a delicious dessert—a lemon tart with an almond crust and chocolate chip topping, complemented with fresh fruit and vanilla sauce. They’ve gone above and beyond with this dessert, and to top it off, it’s also available with a gluten-free pastry option should it be needed.