A Sweet Stay at Suite Homes

Features Issue 203 Oct, 2018

A place to stay like no other, where you can pump weights or sit in the sauna whenever you want, in an environment where you are comfortable and attended to. Who wouldn’t mind living in a spa setting? Meeting with Yukiko, a Japanese lady in Kathmandu was an absolute pleasure, she was so excited to share her wonderful experience at Suite Homes, which has been her Sweet Home for almost three years.  As the first ever tenant of the beautiful apartments, Yukiko does not plan on leaving anytime soon.

How does it feel staying in Suite Homes – is it really a “home away from home”?

Yes, definitely! Living here with all the inclusive facilities has made it a very special “home away from home” for me. It’s not only the facilities and services provided here but also I feel like a part of a bigger diverse family.

Do you find Suite Homes to be a retreat for people living within the valley with a busy lifestyle?

The location of Suite Homes is central in the Lalitpur area, on a quiet street surrounded with greenery; the service provided by the staff here is extremely responsive and prompt. If there is an issue in my apartment, I will let one of the staff members know and when I am back from work everything is sorted. I don’t have to worry about anything here and we also have very good security included.

When did you first come to Nepal?

I came to Nepal almost three years ago, and when I first arrived I checked into Suite Homes, thinking I would stay here for about a month and then move out to another apartment. However, in that month of being here, I fell in love with this place and all the people here. I was the very first resident of Suite Homes!

How has your experience been? How do you find the ambiance and service?

For me, Suite Homes is my home in Nepal. From the cleanliness, to the friendly staff and the facilities like the gym, sauna and breakfast on the terrace with a 360 degree view, everything about this place has fit me very well.

Why would you recommend to someone else to choose Suite Homes to live in?

People might find it difficult to adjust in Kathmandu when they first arrive, not only the chaotic surroundings but also the language barrier and the type of services/facilities they would be used to in their homes.  For a newcomer to Kathmandu or even someone who has been in Kathmandu for a while and has not found a place they have been comfortable with, this is it. I cannot recommend Suite Homes enough to anyone who wants a peaceful stay with great service.

Do you feel at home in Suite Homes?

I live in Kathmandu alone. However, living in Suite Homes, I do not feel alone. I always feel like I am surrounded by friends and friends who have turned into my family here in Kathmandu. This is also my family away from my family.

What is your favorite thing about living in Suite Homes?

My favorite is breakfast on the terrace. It is my absolute favorite time of the day where we all gather together on the beautiful terrace setting for our first meal of the day with a special meal created by our fantastic chef and the beautiful

 view all around us. Having such a meal with an amazing view with great people is a wonderful to start the day, everyday!