Come Mid-December, Lakeside, Pokhara gets really busy preparing for the annual Street Festival. Organized by the Restaurant and Bar Association of Nepal, the festival features some of the best cuisines from around the country, air-sports like paragliding and parahawking, concerts by renowned artists, ethnic dances and displays, and amusement rides. Here are some scenes from the 19 th Pokhara Street Festival which began on 28 th December and went on till the 1 st of January. 

Roasting Wild Boar on a spit at the Moonlight Resort. Boar-roasting is traditionally done every year at Lakeside during the festive-period and is a much-admired spectacle and dish.

Faces carved on melons and pumpkins wishing the spectators a Happy New Year at the Moonlight Resort.

Sel-Roti, a much-loved breakfast among Nepalis, is prepared by frying a batter of rice-flour, sugar and milk in ghee.

Barbecuing Spiced Pork and Chicken at The Lemon Tree Restaurant. In the background, on the left, are traditional Newari fares.



Fried Icecream at Trisara proved to be a major hit with locals and tourists alike.

Delicious potpourri of different meats being barbecued at the Open House Restaurant.

With so many gourmet coffeeshops mushrooming around Lakeside catering to swarms of locals, coffee is steadily taking over the more-traditional tea. Here is a rare instance of people sipping on instant coffee, which, being much cheaper than organic coffee, is still going strong.

An extravagant display of nuts and spices at the Chanachatpatwala (Chatpats are a popular spicy Indian mix of puffed rice, nuts, hot peppers, lemon and nuts) inside the amusement park at Gaurighat. The ubiquitous presence of Chatpat-stalls around Lakeside define their popularity among the locals.

Girls of the Magar Caste dancing in their traditional attires. There is a traditional march of people from different castes starting from Mahendrapul and ending at Lakside to showcase Nepalese Culture as part of the Street-Festival program.