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May 2018

  • So Close Yet So Far: Being a Nepali in India

    Anuja Upadhyay

    When I first moved to India to study at New Delhi’s Jawaharlal Nehru University over 17 years ago, I was struck by the strange questions fellow students asked me. “Do you have microwaves or cars in Nepal”? “Have you climbed Mount Everest?” I often answered them in good humor, though irritated by their lack of basic knowledge about my country. “No, we cook by collecting wood and lighting a fire and use horses to commute.” “And yes, I have climbed it. My middle name, by the way, is Norgay!” The part of the reason behind the ignorance might be the

  • The Dream Weavers from WSDO

    The Dream Weavers from WSDO

    Sambid Bilas Pant

    The Dream Weavers from WSDO Words: Sambid Bilas Pant Photos: WSDO Ram Kali Khadka watches the women at work as their craft slowly takes shape. The lives of the weavers are much like the products they make. They gather like the strands, tangle like the ribbons,

  • Traditional Taste, Modern Design

    Traditional Taste, Modern Design

    Evangeline Neve

    Traditional Taste, Modern Design Metalwood is turning out products that are a refreshing mix of long-established tradition and contemporary form By Evangeline Neve Metalwood’s products first caught my eye a couple of months ago, when I started seeing them displayed around the city in some

  • A Pilgrim's Tale

    Anuja Upadhyay

    A Pilgrim’s Tale By Susan Griffith-Jones Traveling is something that I love doing, so going on pilgrimage has also been a natural undertaking for me. But the act of pilgrimage is not just traveling to a place in the normal sense of going somewhere, but should be carried out in a very conscious way, where the actual journey is as much a part of the process as reaching the destination. When you’re planning and setting out on pilgrimage, having a heightened awareness of what’s going on around you is a first requisite. It’s important to notice physical

  • Hone Your Climbing Skills

    Hone Your Climbing Skills

    Lauren Paquette

    Hone Your Climbing Skills By Lauren Paquette While the fields of mountaineering and trekking have been large in Nepal for decades, gym-trained rock climbing as a sport is relatively new. Those more intense mountain sports take years of training, time, and money to even begin, but

  • First Accessible Trekking Trail in Asia Opens in Kaski

    Jackie Taylor

    First Accessible Trekking Trail in Asia Opens in Kaski By Jackie Taylor “When some say adversity, I say opportunity. Know and accept yourself for who you are. Live like you will die tomorrow and dream like you will live forever,” Corporal Hari Budha Magar, Gurkha, Afghanistan war veteran and double amputee. According to studies, American adults with disabilities or reduced mobility spend an average of $13.6 billion a year on travel (Dr Scott Rains, U.S. expert on disability issues). In Australia 11 percent (or 8 billion) of tourism expenditure is attributable to those with disabilities. That’s

  • Where Spirits Soar to the Heavens

    Amar B Shrestha

    Where Spirits Soar to the Heavens Amar B Shrestha You’ll find huge crowds here during a major Hindu festival that’s held every year in February or March, as well as during another major festival in September. While the latter one is observed by women with lots of singing and dancing, preceded by some pretty severe fasting (for which they prepare a night ahead with heavy gorging on rich food), the former is highlighted by the presence of many severe-looking sadhus (ascetics) from all over the country and from neighboring India, who are mostly adorned with unkempt dreadlocks and

  • Conservation is not an Impediment to Development

    Conservation is not an Impediment to Development

    Evangeline Neve

    Conservation is not an Impediment to Development Talking with the WWF about 25 years of preserving Nepal’s natural assets. By Evangeline Neve May 19, 2018, is the 25th anniversary of the opening of the Nepal country office of the World Wildlife Fund (WWF). They’ve been

  • A World of their Own

    A World of their Own

    Amar B Shrestha

    A World of their Own Amar B Shrestha “I came here about four years ago along with my wife. She passed away four months ago,” says Mr. Raj Bahadur Manandhar, a sprightly 73-year-old who lives in Health Home Care Nepal in Sanepa, Lalitpur. “Initially, we had

  • 5 THINGS TO DO IN NEPAL - May 2018

    5 THINGS TO DO IN NEPAL - May 2018

    5 THINGS TO DO - May 5 Nepali Products to Buy 1. Singing bowls- Don't go by the name. This bowl is widely used for various purposes, such as meditation, sound therapy, and sound massage, and is a very popular souvenir of Nepal. In ancient times,



    Swosti Rajbhandari Kayastha

    NEW DIMENSION Words and photos Swosti Rajbhandari Kayastha Art as we know it is not only a visual representation; it has social importance and implications. The multiple facets of art are numerous, the more I think, the larger it grows! I felt compelled to reflect further

  • A Less Traveled Trekking Route

    A Less Traveled Trekking Route

    Sanjib Chaudhary

    A Less Traveled Trekking Route words and photos Sanjib Chaudhary  I had been on the lookout for a short but challenging trek. Since I had been to almost all the hiking routes around Kathmandu Valley and didn’t want to go very far from Kathmandu district, I