Fresh and Healthy, Pho 99 Brings Vietnam to Nepal

Food Issue 195 Jan, 2018
Text by ECS Staff

Established in 2012, Pho 99 has managed to win the hearts of Nepali foodies and has developed a following of loyal customers with its authentic Vietnamese cuisine.  Food from Vietnam is light and refreshing. “Vietnamese cuisine uses fresh herbs for flavors and uses a lesser amount of oil and spices than other cuisines, so it is considered a very healthy cuisine all over the world. Since it’s healthy, comforting and tasty too, Nepali people also love it,” says Naveen Saru, owner of Pho 99.

In the span of six years, Pho 99 has managed to open four successful outlets in Kathmandu (Lazimpat, Boudha, Thamel and Jhamsikhel) and one in Pokhara (Hallanchowk, Lakeside). The service and food in all their venues is top notch. The ambiance of the outlets are different but at each you can find the same kind of elegant and refined vibe.

Pho 99 has everything from Vietnamese appetizers to desserts and drinks. Among them, their Pho is what keeps me going back for more. Pho is a clear rice noodle soup made from a delicate broth of choice meat and herbs, boiled for a long time. It is typically served in bowls with bean sprouts and various sauces in side. It is perfect during cold weather and sick days and just anytime, really! Vietnamese cuisine is different, delicious and a must-try for every food enthusiast. Pho 99 is the only restaurant that provides  authentic Vietnamese cuisine in Nepal and a visit here is sure to guarantee customer satisfaction whether it’s their food, service or ambiance.