Adventure in the Borderlands

Features Issue 184 Mar, 2017

Take a drive up towards the Tibetan border and discover the potential for multiple adventures.

Nestled in between Kathmandu Valley and the Tibetan border, by the powerful Bhote Koshi River, is the terraced haven known as Borderlands Eco Adventure Resort. Three hours from Kathmandu and 16km south of the Tibetan border lies this unique and enigmatic little hideaway with its safari-style tents, refreshing mountain air, and enticing traditional family style meals, its welcoming environment ready to arouse the adventurer in all of us.

The resort hosts a plethora of outdoor wilderness activities, including canyoning, white water rafting, trekking, and biking, and multi element adventures like Rope &Raft, Hidden Forest Trek & Raft, Bhairav Kunda Trek & Ride, and various others, with international guides, required equipment, transportation, and all meals and accommodations.

The all-you-can-eat buffet of adventure sports 
Canyoning is considered to be the ultimate adventure sport, combining walking, climbing, rappelling, and swimming. It can be considered the all-you-can-eat buffet of adventure sports. The beauty of canyoning lies is the adrenaline rush you get from descending fast-flowing spectacular waterfalls and discovering the hidden beauties of nature tucked away out of sight in these canyons. Canyoning in Nepal is an once-in-a-lifetime experience, as the country has so many spectacular waterfalls just waiting to be discovered and explored.

As the pioneers of canyoning in Asia, Borderlands Eco Adventure Resort was the first organization to offer canyoning in Nepal. With their extensive and in-depth knowledge of the sport, they provide a variety of canyons, from exploratory walks to most extreme environments. The resort not only provides highly qualified instructors who are certified to take people down the many canyons available for access, they also provide all the required equipment, such as wet suits, helmets, and harnesses. Along with this, you can have customized programs to meet your specific training requirements,such as individual lectures, seminars and so on.

Taking on the rapids
Of course, if canyoning isn’t your cup of tea, you can always try rafting or kayaking in the powerful Bhote Koshi descending from the snow-capped mountains of Tibet.

Rafting and kayaking have always been popular adventure sports in Nepal. With an abundance of fast flowing mountain rivers, there are many options for white water rafting and kayaking available. A rather unpredictable and exciting sport known to get your blood pumping as you are tossed by the currents, this two-day journey through the rapids begins from  the Borderlands Eco Adventure Resort, giving you access to the highest raft put-in point for the best white water rafting and kayaking experience in the world. As their partner organization, Ultimate Descents Nepal has spent a substantial amount of time on the Bhote Koshi, and they have guides who are extremely experienced and certified in river rescue and first aid. Along with years of experience, they also provide you state-of-the-art equipment, giving you the safest and the most memorable and exciting white water rafting or kayaking (maybe even both!) experience in Nepal.

Trekking on seldom trodden trails 
If you prefer not to get yourself drenched, you can always try the Dugunadai Fortress trek. A maze of strategically placed walls built in 1854,the Dugunagadi Fortress is situated at an altitude of 2,084m,and has stunning views of the snowcapped Tibetan peaks in the day, while the lights of Khasa glisten through the dark sky in the evening.

Or, you can try the Bhairav Kunda trek. This sacred lake is situated close to the Tibetan border, and is a pilgrimage site for shamans. Devotees visit this holy mountain lake to pay their homage and bathe on every full moon day of the month of Bhadra. In this trek, you follow the old trade route between Tibet and Nepal, with the view of the Himalayan peaks accompanying you.

These treks take you into the simple rural mountain villages that are blessed with the refreshing beauty of snowcapped peaks and scenic landscapes. Offering treks not found in any guidebook, traveling on foot to these areas will give you the chance to interact with the locals and discover their culture and lifestyle.

Restoring natural resources 
Borderlands Eco Adventure Resort is more than just a business. It remains socially aware of its responsibilities, and the environment that has blessed them with such fortunate opportunities to boost tourism. With the goal of having a positive impact on the communities that have helped them flourish, they have started a river restoration project in Sunkoshi beach, where the resort in partnership with the local school, has put up infrastructure such as a kayaking school and a beach camp, and conducted many adventure activities. They also aim to empower the local community in the area by buying locally available items, rather than imported brands, as much as possible.

Borderlands Eco Adventure Resort has the resources to create tailor-made experiences, but the key to their business is how they maintain harmony between themselves and the community and environment. Their world class adventure sport facilities combined with their socially aware efforts to give back to the community make them a remarkable organization.