Nakhipot Urban XC

Text by Anuj D. Adhikari / Photo: Anuj D. Adhikary

After weeks of rattling and waking up to aftershocks, cyclists have something else to look forward to - Nakhipot Urban XC Race.

Mountain biking is back and ripping through the streets of Kathmandu’s southern outskirts this monsoon. Gnarly brings you Nakhipot Urban XC scheduled to take place on 8 August, 2015, in the premises of Nakhipot, southern rim of Kathmandu. This is the first time urban cross-country is ever taking place in the country, and both professional athletes as well as enthusiasts are invited to partake. Team Gnarly - which has been a core part of several widely acclaimed races like Lifecycle DH Race, Lamatar MTB, Palpa Urban DH and Showdown Dharan - now brings this new genre of biking to cater to all levels of mountain bikers. With a Kids’ category included, Gnarly is equally intent in promoting cycling and outdoors culture towards children from an early age.

“We feel races are imperative to create a healthy competitive environment as well as to give aspiring cyclists an opportunity to get noticed,” states Race Director Shyam of Gnarly. “We’re organizing Nakhipot Urban XC with hopes to bring a change to the current state of mind of people and also to get the biking scene started again. We are overwhelmed by the positive response we’ve received from the people of Nakhipot and cyclists as well,” he adds.

“Kathmandu has amazing trails, no doubt,” according to Limbu. “But in order to really take biking one notch up, more innovative races need to be organized. That is why we’re introducing Urban Cross-country for the first time in Nepal. This idea came about with the suggestion from national cross-country champion Ajay Pandit Chettri.” Gnarly has been a part of several races in the past which have seen novel approaches to race. For instance, the team was a part of organizers that introduced urban downhill in Palpa - first such to take place in Nepal; and Lamatar MTB, which saw the highest turnout of participants in Nepal’s biking record. Now all geared up for Nakhipot Urban XC for August, Limbu says this is a prelude to a series of top-notch races Gnarly has in pipeline in the coming months.

Promotional rendez-vous events as well as group rides through Gnarly Squadron Rides organized in Kathmandu are a perfect opportunity to get to know fellow riders. Even if not racing, spectators are welcome to cheer for their favorite athletes. And if you have a little one, do encourage her/him to join in the Kids’ category, which will see a short and fun route. Nakhipot Urban XC is all set to make a wonderful event for professional athletes, friends and families looking for a getaway and change from the hustle and bustle of the city.

Save the date for a glamorous outdoors meet where professional and amateur riders alike are all set to blaze Nakhipot ablaze. Bring your rain jacket along rain or shine,  this race is happening.


The race will take place on a circuit within Nakhipot’s premises. The 4.35km trail starts from Nakhipot’s basketball court and follows various sections like tight turns, speed bumps where you could jump, singletracks by paddy fields, footpaths, alleyways, small temples, lawns and school building. The trail heads downhill towards Kantipur Colony and then takes the longest steep climb up on paved roads, from where we take narrow trails to then make a power pedal to the finish line.
Paved road: 60%
Jeep tracks: 10%
Singletracks: 20%
Technical sections: 10%


Cyclists of all experience and backgrounds are encouraged to participate. There are several categories to choose from, including Kids’ category (i.e., children below the age of 12).
Advanced: Professional and semi-professional male cyclists
Fun: Amateur category for men
Women: Amateur and professional female cyclists
Junior: Cyclists between from 12 to 18 years
Master: Cyclists above 40 years
Grand Master: Cyclists above 50 years
Kids: Below 12 years of age

We’re introducing a Kids’ category in the race. Families that come to the event are invited to have their kids (below the age of 12) to participate in a short yet really enjoyable course. Besides being an entertaining addition to the race, the category serves to assimilate a culture of outdoors and sports in kids from an early age.

Practice Your Skills: Gnarly Squadron Rides
Don’t have much experience riding mountain bikes? Don’t have a cool clique to ride with? Think you can’t do this race? Not to worry! Practice your skills with Gnarly Squadron Rides and prepare yourself for the most anticipated cycling meet of the year. Better yet - it’s free!
Tranquil hills come abuzz as the squadron mounted on mountain bikes build their skills and confidence to ride on uneven trails. Let every jump, turn and swerve along pristine villages, farmlands and ridgelines become the highlight of your day with Gnarly Squadron Rides. Professional cyclists from Gnarly help you get the basics down with biking skills, mechanics and stamina in a fun-filled ride. Moreover, this is also an opportunity for our beginner enthusiasts to practice their race skills. There are several departures every week, so join any that suit your timing and perfect those skills you need for Nakhipot Urban XC.


Name    Nakhipot Urban XC     
Date and Time    
8 August,  2015 at 7am
Location    Nakhipot basketball court (Starting and ending point)
Registration Deadline    1 August, 2015