Urban Amalgamation

Where am I Issue 207 Feb, 2019
Text by Nayan pandey

I walk uphill along a straight, narrow, and unpolluted road that is surrounded by houses on both sides. With sounds of only the air blowing, I see creepers growing on the walls of the houses in an endless manner. As the sun sets down and the sky darkens, I continue to walk the path until I see a coffee shop on my right. On a cold and quiet twilight, the coffee shop gives warm, friendly vibes, and a welcoming environment. I continue walking, and after a few minutes, I walk past the urban area into a an open green pasture land with a few houses dotted here and there and a picturesque view of hills, and terraced farming lands with a monastery atop looking down upon the city, creating a majestic, peaceful view.

I keep walking along the path, the sky now getting darker with a few stars appearing, as the houses start to light up and the cattle far away in the distance return. After some time, the road again enters another urban area, and the elevation becomes steeper. All I can see now are rich, luxurious homes with rooms shining with a golden yellow light. A group of middle-aged men jog past me covered in sweat, they are probably here as part of an army exercise routine. I then see a magnificent Buddhist-style home with a number of prayer flags hanging across the poles on the roof of the house swaying due to the cold winter breeze in front of the night sky. And, further on to my left is a grand white bungalow, glowing in the moonlight, residing peacefully in the quiet neighborhood.

I soon enter a well-planned colony with huge open grounds. Teenagers are busily involved in playing football with many onlookers in the grounds, whereas others are running or trying to practice riding bikes and scooters. I walk along the path and I see residents leaving their homes, chatting with each other or lost in music with earphones in their ears, probably going out for a pleasant walk or a jog around the colony in the cool breeze. As I walk out of the peaceful colony, I look up and see the moon and the sky full of stars and realize it is getting late.  

Along the way lies a tower standing tall under the starlit sky. I walk close and see a huge field full of flora. The quiet sound of the neighborhood is replaced with insects buzzing and birds chirping. As I continue to walk the pathway, on my right I see a grandiose brick red mansion boasting luxury and wealth, with exquisite wood carvings on the balcony, windows, pinnacle, and the entry of the home a grand sight. The path then links to a steep and a wide road full of busy traffic. I then start my journey downhill. People walk by, busy in their own ways, carrying on about their own business. I see shops, spas, dance studios, healthcare centers, and hotels on my left, and a scenic view of lit homes and busy streets of the city on my right, as I walk downwards until I too am a part of the crowd and the hectic nightlife of the city.