5 things to do during spring time in Nepal

Text by Niharika Kafle

After the long cold months of winter, spring has finally arrived and with the new season come blooming flowers, warmer air, longer days and room for exciting new activities. Here are 5 things that can help shake off the winter blues and get you that much needed fresh start.

1.Go outside!

You have likely spent the last few months locked indoors trying to escape the cold and now that spring is here it’s the perfect time to get outdoors again. Whether that’s strolling around Patan or hiking the Chandragiri hills, there’s no time like spring to do it because once the heat of the summer sneaks up on us, heading outside will become a challenge again.

2. Have a picnic in Godavari Botanical Gardens  

Another great outside option! There is no better way to celebrate spring, the season of new life, than by spending it in a place that houses more than 500 species of plants! Spring is the best time to visit the botanical gardens, which are located about 14 km south of Kathmandu, as it is the peak flowering season. It is home to a variety of butterflies and birds that add their own charm to the place, and you can spot, among other blooms, Nepal’s national flower, the rhododendron. It is the perfect spot for a relaxing spring picnic.

3. Celebrate Nepali festivals

Nepali people love spring, and you can tell by the number of festivals we have during the season. Celebrate spring the traditional way this year, with festivals like Holi, Ghode Jatra, Chaite Dashain, Seto 

Macchindranath Jatra and Nepali New Year, all of which will be taking over the valley this spring.

4.Spring clean - The cold winter months may have been an excuse for you to put off cleaning your home, but there’s no time like spring to jump start your cleaning routine. Sure, deep cleaning your home isn’t always fun, but spending time in a dust and clutter free home is unbeatable. Declutter your living space, get rid of all items that no longer add value to your life, whether that be clothes you no longer wear, books that you never plan on reading again or just miscellaneous items that serve no purpose. Instead, sell them, donate them or even better, organize an exchange party with your friends and get things you actually like without spending a rupee.

5.Go on a road trip – The spring season’s moderate temperatures makes this the perfect weather for a road trip outside the valley. Explore Nepal differently this time around, stop to enjoy tea and snacks in local shops on the roadside and splash around in the rivers along the highway. Take a road trip and give yourself that much needed R&R while also taking in the beauty of Nepal in all its glory