5 Things to do in Asan

Asan, more properly defined as the beating heart of Kathmandu, encompasses the rich culture and lifestyle of the Nepali people. Untouched, raw, and full of vibrant tradition, Asan can definitely attract the attention of any audience. Hence, we will show you all the things you can do while you are in this thriving venue.

1. Explore the History and Culture

History, culture, and Asan merrily go hand in hand. Many of the temples, houses, and historic buildings are still intact, even after the earthquake. Any individual will be fascinated by the amount of knowledge that one can absorb, from the unique architecture to the authentic lifestyle of the locals.

2. Organic Fish and Vegetables

Asan sells the freshest local produce in entire Kathmandu. Most of the wholesalers here bring homegrown and handpicked mushrooms, spinach, radish, carrots, and absolutely any veggie from their own farms to give their customers the best possible home-cooked meal experience. Moreover, the fish they sell have been brought in from the Terai region of Nepal, and even parts of India.

3. Fabric Shopping

If you want to get your hands on the brightest of traditional gowns, sarees, kurtas, dresses, and outfits, then you’re in luck. Asan has a huge cache of these clothes, with fabrics such as linen, satin, and cotton also found in abundance here. Shop and enjoy to your heart’s content, as the stock will never finish!

4. Crafted Goods and Accessories

Many craftsmen and artists reside in the eventful Asan streets. You can watch them as they fabricate beautiful creations from scratch. These creations include traditional puppets, lustrous beaded necklaces, and elegant and bohemian jewelry. These local products really catch your attention while passing through the hustling boulevard of houses.

5. Local Lassi (Mitho Lassi)

What could excite you more when you’re standing there in the middle of Asan, between crowds of people, under the scorching sun? A chilled glass of dense yet refreshing lassi (a sweet or savory drink made from a yogurt or buttermilk base with water) should hit the right spot! The khuwa (dried whole milk or milk thickened by heating in an open iron pan) used is authentic to Asan and adds a whole new level to the delicious drink.