Surya Power, 24 hour

Features Issue 199 Jul, 2018

Surya Power, 24 hour

Thanks to the NEA and Kulman Ghising, loadshedding is all but gone, as are the days of using inverters. The use of solar technology to power our homes has lessened and so, the market for such is dwindling. But what if Solar Energy could be used not only as an alternative power source for back-ups, but as “fresh energy” that can save you up to 90% on your electricity bills?

Remember the days when we had to time our chores around the house with the loadshedding schedule in order to complete them? Like vacuuming the house to running the water pumps and the lot. The backups consisting of inverters and batteries lessened our burden but they could only do so much. Then, solar technology came to our aid. When the loadshedding was so heavy that you couldn’t charge your batteries with electricity alone, these did the trick.

But yes, to our relief, now that the power shortage issue is at an end, the use of solar energy is declining. We might not even see it as a relevant alternative nowadays, but Surya Power Company Pvt. Ltd., the leading firm in solar technology in Nepal has other ideas. They’re taking the step to reintroduce Solar Energy as a “Fresh Energy” through the concept of Grid Tied System and Net Metering.

A Grid Tied System is a solar energy system that is connected to the electrical grid itself, and so can use electricity from both the solar panel system and the electrical grid. Your home is primarily powered by the solar panel system, and when needed, energy is drawn from the grid at certain times (such as cloudy days or at night) when solar would not be fully efficient. Similarly, if more energy than is needed is generated by the solar panels, the excess will be fed into the grid for use elsewhere rather than being stored. Hence, the term “fresh energy,” harvested and used immediately.

And what benefit do you get, you ask? This is where Net Metering comes into play. Since the Grid Tied system gives you the ability to feed power to the grid during the day, when you’re producing excess energy, and use the grid supply at night, Net Metering credits the owners of grid-tied systems when they produce excess. So, when you pay the electricity bill, you only pay the difference between how much you consume from the grid and how much you feed to the grid. With this, you can save up to 90% on your electricity bills. How great is that?

Now you might also question that to save your electricity bills, why would you install a costly solar panel system. But, with that, you can get your money back within 5 – 6 years of installment, whereas the life of the solar panel system is about 25 years. Therefore, it’s safe to say that Solar Grid-Tied Systems will be quite beneficial for you, and you will also be contributing to the development of perpetual and renewable energy sources in the country.

However, there are certain issues that have to be addressed for this purpose. And Surya Power Company Pvt. Ltd. is taking the step through meetings with government agencies to build policies regarding the same. But they do assure that if everything goes as planned, we might see the Grid Tied Systems in action within a few months in the country. Let’s hope for the best, shall we?