Behave Basic Training for Dogs

Happening Issue 50 Jul, 2010
Text by Ivan Sada / Photo: ECS Media

Why keep a dog and bark yourself all the time?
Pet culture is growing at a fast pace in Nepal, but awareness on the subject is still at its infancy. The vast majority of pet owners in cities maintain dogs as a form of property protection and as a form of social status, and they do not treat them as pets. It also does not come as a surprise when owners train their dogs without understanding the characteristics of the dog. A Dachshund is not meant to be an attack dog, because it is meant to protect the owner and his family from rodents and snakes in the garden or home. That is his disposition, and it will never rest until the challenge is eliminated, but a user-friendly dog like it attacking trespassers sounds far removed from the original text. Distinguishing between necessity and desire are sidelined when the issue of status in the neighborhood is in line. Moreover, dogs are said to be a man’s best friend, but it needs to know who the boss is, without its owner having to shout at the top of his voice.

The Basic Obedience Training for dogs is conducted by native professionals, trained under the watchful eyes of Elke Meyer, senior dog behavior trainer from Australia for The training conducted by has proved to be the best gift for owners and their canine friends and has 100% satisfaction results in Nepal. The training is basically an education in good manners and is supported by basic training materials, introducing pack structure, body language, control methods, dog behavior as well as basic health care and nutrition. Comprehensive DVD, introducing basic commands can also be obtained at a discounted rate. The training will also teach owners about pack structure and dog psychology, and basic rules for basic obedience training. does not believe in punishing or spoiling methods. Instead, they believe in positive reinforcement. That way, owners can put an end to all kinds of undesirable behavior without yelling, threats, and force, punishment or guilt trips.

Dogs can be perfectly behaved pets, within a span of eight sessions with Dogs for the program have to be vaccinated, and a bowl for drinking water is necessary during the training. does not believe in training only dogs. The trainer can make a dog behave perfectly, but this will not have any long-term results unless the owner is closely and actively involved with the program. In their approach, the owner will be trained along with the dog, enabling him to build a respectful, supportive and loving relation with his pet and to conduct ongoing training to his canine friend. During the training period the pet owner is required to practice with his dog regularly for a period of 10-15 minutes each day. It is noted that if the owner is unable to invest time and energy, then is not the right address for him. Group classes are excellent for teaching pet owners training skills so that they can teach their canine companion responds to cues such as sit, stand, stay, come and loose leash walking. The public training takes place on Sunday mornings at designated places. A minimum of seven sessions is required. Private training sessions are also entertained. After the training and interaction, the dog will be happy and relaxed and it will eventually realize who the actual boss is., is an innovative non-profit company based in Kathmandu, and is run by an enthusiastic team of Nepali and overseas animal welfare campaigners and educators. If you love your pet and want them to be your best friend, it is advisable that you take it for a training session