Luxury with Nature

Getaway Issue 179 Oct, 2016
Text by Neema Ghimire

A first-hand experience of Gokarna Forest Resort, where history, nature and luxury blend seamlessly into creating an amazing experience. 

What would be more comforting than going away from the hustle-bustle of the city when you are tired and exhausted? Just as when expert hands give you a soothing massage you have deserve laboring for long hours at work, I experienced something similar the moment I reached Gokarna Forest Resort. It is not just the enthusiastic hotel staff who make you feel welcomed there but the whole ambiance of the resort is absolutely welcoming.
Gokarna has merged itself with the surrounding forest so well that one can feel the richness of nature while enjoying luxurious facilities in a comfortable setting. All my way to the resort, I kept imagining how I would throw myself on the soft bed and relax endlessly. Little did I know, that the in-house Harmony Spa has so many things to offer – Ayurveda based treatments, indoor temperature control, a swimming pool, luxurious treatment rooms with a sauna each, steam room, Jacuzzi and what not!
When I went for the massage, I realized had I opted to rest in the room instead of this massage, I would have missed a great deal. The relaxing massage kept me energized even the next day. 
As Tesring Deki Sherpa took me around the property, I realized Gokarna is not just another resort that you stay in for a day and leave. It is rather a rich and complex place which conserves history, nature, memories, it also has luxury and it has maintained standard of its own. Hunter’s Lodge at Gokarna used to be a private royal hunting ground of the Kings of Nepal. Today, the lodge serves, authentic Nepali cuisine. It has conserved nature’s luxury. While you are roaming around, you can see herds of shy deer (they find some place to hide themselves as soon as they see people) and mischievous monkeys. 
Luxury is another thing to look for in Gokarna. It is a most popular destination for Golf in Nepal. The game never seemed interesting to me until I tried my hands on this luxurious sport myself. I held the club and hit the golf ball. As the coach in the club was showing me the techniques, I realized that the game has quite a charm. I kept hitting those 25 golf balls and by the end I actually liked it. 
Gokarna has maintained the international standard of its Golf course. One can feel how well the course is maintained as one takes a look at it. From maintaining the length of the grass to maintaining the texture and moisture, everything is just perfect. You do not need to be perfect for the game. Just follow the tricks, maintain your body postures and practice how to hold the golf club – then, hit the ball and bingo!

Don’t Miss 
Saturday’s barbeque brunch is something you should not miss while you plan to visit Gokarna. They have a brunch every Saturday and the place would be so much more fun to visit with your friends during the weekends.