Getting Back to Nature Good for the Mind, Body and Soul

Text by Elena Moody

In today’s fast paced digital world, we are constantly surrounded by screens and ubiquitous technology designed to pull at our attention. It is now so easy, and relatively inexpensive, to stay connected twenty-four hours a day at home, at work, and even on vacation. While advances in technology have given us many great benefits, this constant bombardment can lead to overwhelm, anxiety, mental fatigue and burnout. We are spending more and more time indoors and online, especially children and run the risk of losing our connection to nature.

We could all stand to be a little less reactive, more kind and compassionate, more present with our loved ones, more focused and grounded. This is where a dose of nature can help. There is a growing body of evidence that shows that a weekend away in nature, hiking in the woods or spending time by a lake, can lower stress levels, decrease blood pressure and reduce the risk of asthma, allergies, diabetes and cardiovascular disease. Reconnecting with nature can help our brains and bodies to stay healthy while activating parts of our brain associated with a decreased risk of depression and anxiety, as well as boosting kindness, happiness, creativity and immunity. Even a 15 minute walk in nature is all it takes to experience the benefits, and researchers have reported that a weekend away improves immunity for up to one month.

If you're finding yourself in social situations that don't leave you feeling fulfilled, have been feeling more irritable lately or just stuck in a rut, it is a good time to plan a mini-vacation that is sure to revitalise you. Spending some time outdoors, eating fresh food and being active will do wonders for your health and well-being.

The Ideal Destination to Unplug and Unwind

Back to Nature is a unique tented and hiking camp that offers the perfect opportunity to disconnect from technology for a while and reconnect with nature. This humble yoga retreat and hiking resort is nestled into the hills Northwest of Pokhara's Phewa Lake. The first thing you will notice on arrival is the spectacular view of the lake and the city of Pokhara as you meet the resort's two friendly German Shepherds, Jango and Lucy. Guests will find a laid-back and tranquil setting with a choice of very comfortable tents or lodge accommodation in the centre of 40 ropanis of organic farmland. At Back to Nature they pride themselves on their organically produced, locally sourced food and clean mountain spring water. They grow their own fruit, vegetables and rice, produce their own honey, unpasteurised milk, yoghurt, and herbal tea blends to cure a myriad of ailments. Anything not produced on the farm is sourced locally.

Back to Nature was created in 2015 by two brothers, Dambar and Dem Pun. It is the ideal place for travellers and busy locals to come and slow down, enjoy healthy organic food, practice yoga and meditation, experience the many other activities on offer, or just to enjoy the sounds of birds singing as you read a good book or spend quality time with a loved one. During the day there are a variety of activities you can participate in, including jungle walks, a guided hike up the mountain with spectacular views of the Annapurna range or down to the local village, as well as yoga, meditation, organic farm visits where you can pick your own fruit, horse-riding, birdwatching, and spring water singing bowl therapy in the idyllic nearby waterfall. For fun make sure you ask Dambar to teach you the monkey climbing technique! In the evenings, enjoy the sunset as the city lights up in the distance. The resort has the perfect social area with hammocks and comfortable seating where you can relax overlooking the lake during the day and enjoy delicious nutritious meals around a cozy fire at night. For those who must stay connected, Wifi internet access is available.

Yoga Treks

Back to Nature also offer a unique opportunity that combines trekking and the benefits of yoga. You have the option of a two day trek to Panchase (2200m), four day trek to Poon Hill (3210m), six day trek to Khopra Danda (3660m with the chance to walk up to 4000m) or seven blissful days to the beautiful Khayer Lake (4700m).

How To Get There

Back to Nature Tented and Hiking Camp is a twenty minute car ride from North Lakeside, followed by a brief walk across the head end of Phewa Lake near Pame, Dandkharka. From there you walk through a local village and finally a further half hour hike up the hillside. If you prefer, the resort staff can welcome you in the village and give you assistance with your bags and guide you on the hike.

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