Yin Yang, the Place to be for Thai Cuisine

Food Issue 183 Feb, 2017

Yin Yang Restaurant has a certain refined, elegant vibe, which is clearly on display when you first enter. While famous for Thai food, it also boasts an impressive continental menu, and the two combine for a great fine dining experience that is sure to have something for everyone. The restaurant recently reopened after extensive renovations, and with all the amenities now being state-of-the-art, the management has also done an excellent job of retaining the small touches and historical bits and pieces that made this place unique in the first place. There’s a sun-dappled courtyard dominated by a huge tree, perfect for soaking up the sun, or for evening dining as the weather warms up. The indoor dining areas are really impressive, too. Decorated with authentic art from Thailand, the area glitters and sparkles. I particularly loved the spacious, colorful floor seating area—a room that can also be booked in its entirety for private parties—and really, the whole place was so relaxed and comfortable.

But let’s not forget—we’re here for the food! And the food is certainly off the charts. Yin Yang’s specialty is Thai food, and it’s no surprise to find an extensive and authentic Thai menu, presided over by the Thai chef. I especially enjoyed the Tom Yam Kung, or Spicy Prawn Soup, which was bright and fresh and zingy. The lemongrass and Thai spices, many of which are specially imported for the restaurant, really gave this dish that something different from the tastes we’re used to having in Kathmandu. It was a pleasure to eat. The Fish Cakes—Thod Man Pla—came with a delicious, tangy dipping sauce that I could have eaten by itself. And since the Yin Yang is also famous for continental cooking, we also tried one of their popular dishes, Café de Paris—Grilled Tenderloin Steak. This plate was beautifully presented, and very much enjoyable for the meat lovers—juicy, tasty and flavourful.

As we ate I couldn’t help but notice the unique dishes; when I enquired, I learned that they are custom designed before being produced by local craftsmen in Bhaktapur. It’s just one of the many, many small but important details that added up to a great meal at such a special restaurant.

Ample parking is also available, a rarity in Thamel, so take advantage of it and get down there and sample some tasty Thai food!

Yin Yang Restaurant
Thamel, Kathmandu, Nepal
Tel: +977-1-4701510
Email: yinyang@mos.com.np
Web: www.facebook.com/yinyangrestro