Delights of a Crafty Open House

Happening Issue 212 Jul, 2019
Text by Evangeline Neve

There are many new and interesting craft shops in the valley—with more opening all the time—yet somehow Dhukuti still holds a special place in my heart. It’s where I bring visiting friends so they can find a large selection all under one roof when they need to do some quick shopping before they leave. For myself, it’s my go-to for dishtowels, as I’ve written about before, and one of several places I like to buy local ceramic kitchenware from.

It’s also where I go for inspiration when I’m traveling to visit friends or family back home and have given them most Nepal-ish things as gifts already and therefore need some new ideas. That is, after all, what this shop is best at: coming up with fresh designs and ideas and products, so there’s always something new to contemplate.

As far as I’m concerned, it’s this constant changing and newness that makes Dhukuti such an interesting place to shop, and that was exemplified last month but their new products launch, held on Sunday, 2 June, 2019. I’ve been visiting on opening day for at least three years now, and as usual was not disappointed. There were several completely new products and familiar favorites in new guises: I was particularly impressed with the new copper/brass vases, which had been oxidized and in some cases colored on the outside to produce a beautiful aged, distinctive patina. The stiff cloth stand-up bags that I use to organize my toiletries at home are now available in even larger sizes, with handles and cute animal faces—ideas for their use seem endless, particularly for keeping children’s toys and other items organized and tidy.

The event may be over, but the products are still there, so pop in next time you’re in Kupondol—and if I was you, I’d give them your visiting card so that you can received an invite to next year’s Open House, too; I still have each of the small gifts I was handed each year on my way out, a small thank-you for stopping by. The printed glass coasters I was given last year get daily use in my house and always make me smile.