Nepali Beer: Happiness in Every Sip

Features Issue 183 Feb, 2017
Text by Urvi Suwal

Nepal is home to a small number of quality breweries that produce emphatically fine lager beer offering a refreshing and smooth drinking experience. The next time you visit a bars or a restaurant, make sure to get yourself a bottle of authentic Nepali local beer, which will surely validate Benjamin Franklin famous phrase, “Beer is proof that God loves us and wants us to be happy”. 

Here’s your guide to make your beer venture easier, so you can grab a great brew waiting for you just around the corner in Nepal. 


Gorkha Beer 

The holy grail of Nepali beers, and the most popular in the market, Gorkha Beer comes from a brewery that holds almost 80% of Nepal’s beer market. Brewed in Nawalparasi, it was first introduced in 2006, using the finest hops, pure water, and high-quality barley malt. This clear golden lager beer has an alcohol content of 5%, and is endowed with a grainy aroma. Every sip of this mildly sweet and lightly bitter brew promises heady pleasure. It is available in 650 ml bottles, and costs Rs.240 each. 


Everest Beer 

Everest Beer was launched on May 26, 2003, to commemorate the golden jubilee of the historic ascent of Mt. Everest by Tenzing Norgay Sherpa and Edmund Hilary. A pale lager style beer, it is brewed by Mount Everest Brewery in Kathmandu. With just enough carbonation, the smooth flowing, light lager has an alcohol content of 5.0%, and is very similar to the Lebanese beer Almaza. Made with selected malt, quality hops, and pure yeast culture, all wonderfully incorporated into a pleasant brew, Everest Beer is the epitome of a sweet light beer. The price ranges from Rs.120 for a 330 ml can to Rs.200 for a 650 ml bottle. 

Nepal Ice

Brewed by Sun Gold Brewery in Nepal, Nepal Ice is a prime example of a thirst quenching beer, perfect to beat the oppressive heat of long summer days. The brewer produces a variety of different beers—Nepal Ice and Nepal Ice Natura, which are 5% alcohol content lager beers, and Nepal Ice Strong, which is malt-based, with 7% alcohol content. Natura stands out from the rest, as it is made of natural barley, hence its name. If you are into darker and stronger ale, then you would want to go for Nepal Ice Strong. Otherwise, if you are looking for a typical lager, opt for Nepal Ice, a simple lager perfectly executed. Prices range from Rs.200 to Rs.250 for a 650 ml bottle. 

Khumbu Kolsch

Nepal’s one and only Kölsch-style beer, Khumbu Kolsch is brewed by the first craft brewery in the nation, Sherpa Brewery. Kölsch is a specific style of beer from Germany, brewed with ale yeast, which gives it its distinctive character. This unique beer has 5% alcohol content, and promises a satisfying experience with every sip. Known as a beer for easy drinking, this beer is sure to impress you, as it is made of high quality ingredients, the brewing of which entails a detailed production process. We have heard nothing but good about Sherpa Khumbu Kolsch. It pours a clear copper color, has a delightful German hop flavor, and is light with a refreshing, dry finish. Available in 500 ml cans costing Rs.250 each, this traditional German brew is available in most supermarkets, restaurants, and bars around town. Enjoy!