Italian Passion Galleria Cafe

Features Issue 68 Jul, 2010
Text by Looza Mahaju

In 1935, Francesco Illy invented the first automatic coffee machinewhich substituted compressed air for steam. The founder of the now famous company called illy, Francesco was of Hungarian origin and came to Trieste during World War I as an officer in the Austro-Hungarian army. After the war, he chose to stay in the city, which had only just come under Italian rule, and in 1933, he set up a business in the cocoa and coffee sector. Eventually deciding to concentrate exclusively on coffee, Francesco Illy's primary interest lay in espresso. He also devised a new packaging system for preserving coffee by filling the cans with inert gases instead of air: pressurization. illy coffee was then "exported" outside the Trieste area, and was eventually sold all over Italy. Today illy is savored around the globe.

 And so it finally arrived in Nepal. "Coffee," says Dipak Thapaliya of Galleria Café in Thamel, "Is certainly catching up here." The increasing number of coffee houses at tourist hotspots like Thamel and other places surely support Dipak's view. From the utterly unimaginative menu blandly stating 'Coffee' to the exotic sounding names like Ristretto, Macchito and Con Panna, Kathmandu is host to various flavors and tastes across the globe. For authentic Italian cappuccino and the rest, Galleria Café is the place. "Here at Galleria, we serve only the best coffee Italian and Nepali coffee," says Thapaliya.

The Café was officially opened on  Nepali New Year’s Day (14 April) and serves only the best there is. And that's where illy comes in. illy is one of the most famous Italian coffee brands renowned for its aroma and rich texture. "What sets illy apart from other coffee brands," shares Dipak, "Is its special and unique flavor that coffee drinkers around the globe have come to associate with it." It makes people come back for more. illy is a global coffee brand that has been appreciated the world over for its single blend, and is made up from 9 types of the finest Arabica coffee-the finest species, which come from 13 different countries. These are chosen with strict criteria and are grounded and roasted under strict and expert supervision to ensure rewarding quality and a memorable taste that makes people come back for more.Apart from illy, the place also serves fine quality Nepali coffee strangely named Himalayan Spring Water Coffee. But any reservation at the name is sure to disappear after the first sip.  

Complimenting the great coffee is the warm ambience. While you wait for your coffee to brew, take a moment to soak in the tasteful décor of the place. Superb paintings of the Buddha by renowned artist Prakash Chand Wadkar bring serenity to the place and helps one relax. Antique furniture and more Wadkar greet you as you walk into the lounge area which speaks of privacy and elegance. For people on the move, the wi-fi facilities will make sure that they stay connected. "For our guests, we also offer complimentary and value added services like wi-fi connectivity so they can catch up on important matters," says Dipak.  

With a mind to serve the finest Italian coffee, owners Jeependra Thapa, Gopal Gurung and Thinley Lama joined hands to open the place and have given much thought to the décor.   "Our aim is to introduce people to the real taste of coffee right here," explains Dipak. "That is why we opted for illy over anything else." There's much to choose from and apart from the frothy cappuccino, Galleria Café also serves the best Espresso, Latte, Mocha, Ristretto, Machhiato, Americano, Con Panna and more.    

For details: Galleria Café
J P Road, Thamel.
Ph. 4269949