Five things to do in Nepal

Features Issue 191 Sep, 2017

1.Do a tattoo in Thamel

Tattoo, which is a fashion statement, as well as a badge of belonging, has become more and more fashionable and acceptable. If you are a tattoo fanatic, you absolutely should make a unique tattoo when you are in Nepal. Since it’s ubiquitous for Nepalis to have tattoos, it’s not expensive to get one. Once you make your mind unequivocally, you should not miss a place called Mohan’s Tattoo Inn in Thamel. With a professional and friendly tattooist there, the vibe is homey, and the music will release your tension. Through proper communication, you can definitely get a good design at a reasonable price.


2. Go crazy at Kathmandu Fun Park

The most treasurable memory of a life must be the memory of childhood. Located in Exhibition Road, Kathmandu Fun Park is one of the best places to spend some time with kids, as well as hanging out with friends. Not only children can find happiness there, but also adults can satisfy themselves. Once you get there, Columbus, ferries wheel, and looping star ship are three games you should not miss. Whether you play those thrilling and exciting games, or enjoy the yummy food inside, or sit idly on a bench, or wander around the park, every moment in the park is unforgettable, and you will be completely energized and feel terrific.

3.Living in a homestay

It’s such a great experience to live with the local people. Through communicating with them, you can collect the first information early, like when the latest festival is coming, how to get to a specific place, what happened recently, etc. Living in a homestay, it can not only save on lodging costs, but also help to have a deeper understanding of the everyday life of the locals. If you are lucky enough, the host may cook authentic food to welcome you.


4.Try the grilled corn on the street

Walking on the street, it’s common to see women baking corn. The closer you come to the place, the stronger scent of burnt corn you can catch. The woman places them directly over heat on medium-hot grill in the charcoal stove, rotating when dark spots appear and the ears will be speckled with char spots; the whole process takes only 5-10 minutes. The costs are affordable, with around Rs.30 to get one. Having a bite on the grilled corn, it tastes chewy and palatable, which makes it a good snack when people trek or have a trip.

5.Find a bar and enjoy the night life

It’s said that Nepal has a higher GDH?Gross Domestic Happiness?compared with other countries. Why is that so? I think it is because the Nepali people know exactly what “All work and no play makes Jack a dull boy” means. Dress in your finest suit every Friday night and head to Deja Vu Club for a crazy night of dance with a difference. With a capacious ball hall for customers to dance in, you can totally indulge yourself in the ambience. What impressed most is that, when the band plays Nepali music, almost everyone can sing the songs. Whether you are good at dancing or not, just move your body and step with the rhythm, you cannot keep track of time once you step onto the dancing floor.