5 Favorite Craft Stores

Features Issue 205 Dec, 2018
Text by Evangeline Neve

Kathmandu abounds with shops that sell all manner of beautifully made local objects. It’s a joy to Discover small ones—often you’re able to meet the artisans themselves, always a fascinating Experience.

Sometimes, however, particularly when you’re searching for a gift, it’s nice to go somewhere that has a Large collection of things all under one roof. You can browse, find what you need, and that’s when I Often discover new products and get completely new ideas.

When I don’t know what to buy and need inspiration, here’s where I go—and yes, I know a lot of them Are in Patan; share your ideas and I’ll shop in new places

1) The Local Project, Jhamsikhel, and soon to be Maharajgunj

Open since just 2017, this shop houses a selection of objects that might surprise you. Top-quality bags, Nepal-themed card games, amazing jewelry, and camera straps that double as potential tourniquets—What’s not to love? A lot of the products on sale here are a little more high-end, though not all, and the quality of everything is top-notch. This is where you find the gift for that hard-to-shop-forperson. They’re opening a branch soon inside Le Sherpa.


2) Timro, Jhamsikhel

Another store with things that run the gamut in price range, there are some really beautiful things here. I’ve seen more clothing items here than in other craft stores—really interestingly designed—and a lot Of cute paper and notebook items. There’s also jewelry that will blow you away, like the earrings with Beads made from melted-down waste bottles, and a bracelet so beautiful that I’ve never forgotten it; Sadly, it was out of my price range, but it was amazing.




3) Dhukuti, Kupondole

Of course, this won’t be news to anyone who loves to shop, but I can’t make a list without including Them. After all, I’m the person that wrote an ode to their dishtowels! Filling up several floors, this Spacious shop is lovely for browsing; I especially like how they keep updating their designs while still Keeping core items in stock: there’s always something new, yet you can always find what you need. Their melted bottle cheese plates always elicit a wow when I give one as a gift




4) Mahaguthi, Kupondole and Lazimpat

This is another well-established collective that has been around for ages. While they have branches in Both Kupondole and Lazimpat, I’ve generally frequented the latter, particularly for their colorful pottery, an affordable way to indulge another one of my passions, though it also means my kitchen cupboards are bursting. They have a lot of other things, too; it’s just that the dishware are my favorites—serving food against that colorful backdrop brightens up any event.







5) Maya Ko Chino, Jhamsikhel

So this last place is a bit of wildcard addition, in that it’s a lot smaller and more quirky than any of the Others listed here. Some of the things on sale are simpler and more rustic than in most craft shops. Nevertheless, it’s a fun shop to browse in—I’ve been surprised and delighted by some of the treasures on sale here. And, after months of searching for a wallet with room for cards, banknotes, and coins, this is where I finally found it, so this place has a special place in my heart.

Is there a place I’ve overlooked or never heard of that you think should have made this list? Something in a different part of town? Let me know at and I’ll gladly check it out.