Where Am I? "One of the Deadliest Airports"

Whoever said this flight is the most dangerous one, forgot to relish the enchanting view.

If you are planning for a trek to Everest, this place is the first place you will have to be in; this is where the trek stories start from.

However, if you Google this airport, you will find out that there are lots of goose bump stories about it. And you don’t want to read about them before boarding for this place. The airport is actually a gateway to Everest trekkers and climbers. 
The reason this airport has earned itself a name as one of the deadliest airports in the world is because it is perched on a steep cliff with a short runway just 500 meters long. If the pilot fails to correctly measure the distance from the ridge, the airplane is most likely to crash. In October 2008, a flight to this place crashed while making the landing, killing everyone on board.

However, during the earthquake of 2015, the airport helped quite a lot of people to get back home safely; it also transported medical aid to them. Despite its history, its reputation for danger is quite undeserved. Today, the flight is even more popular with tourists and trekkers wanting to summit Everest. This beautiful airport has made life easier for the people that live and travel here. And the pilots who fly the aircrafts to this place are the unsung heroes who bravely take the responsibility of landing everyone safely.

One should forget about what is usually bandied about of this airport, and should just relax and enjoy the breathtaking view. You are in good hands.