Aka: Skating Rink & Cafe

Destination Issue 63 Jul, 2010
Text by Dinesh Rai

A young couple was skating around the compound in the late afternoon. Under  the clear blue sky, music playing in the background, it was indeed very inviting. AKA at Kamal Pokhari has a small skating rink, but makes up for it with the ample space to skate around the garden. The track that runs right round this garden is made specifically for that purpose and does away with the boredom of going round and round in circles. People with children can leave the kids here to play on the swing and slide, while they skate nearby.

But this is no ordinary skating rink as it has been converted to a café with a pizza delivery service. There’s much to choose from the vast menu — from a simple Cheese pizza to imported Pepperoni pizza to light Sadeko Chicken pizza. There’s an additional delivery charge or NRs 50/- if you want it delivered home. Prices range from NRs 110/- far a 9 inch Cheeze pizza to NRs 580/- for a 14inch Imported Pepperoni. They’re great accompanied by herbal juice which can be had for NRs 25/-.

For those fond of basketball, a hoop on one wall of the rink is good for practice sessions if you need a break from skating. At AKA, one can enjoy the good food, non alcoholic drinks (it’s an alcohol-free zone) sitting in the garden. The peaceful ambience makes for a pleasant environment to spend the afternoon. Bring your own roller skates or hire them from the café, the choice is yours. Besides being a good way to spend an afternoon with friends, skating is a great means of shedding those extra pounds you’ve been trying to get rid of.

Skating rental- NRs 100/ hour, Personal skate- NRs 50/- hour, Monthly membership- NRs 2000/-Open all seven days from 10 am – 8 pm.,For detials: 2113111