A Timeless Wonderland

Text by Anutara Shakya

With a name that grows on you, just like the substance on which it is baptized, Koh Kaine is a fresh breeze of air with its collection of natural fabrics and handcrafted garments.

Tucked away in Jhamsikhel, amidst the busy street, is a secret called Koh Kaine. The first time I visited the store, I was immediately overwhelmed by a sense of tranquility. The trees with empty bird cages hanging from its branches makes you feel like you’re Alice, leaving a hectic city life behind to enter a wondrous garden. Here, time seems to have come to a halt.  A stone pathway leads you to the store’s entry but your eyes travel in all directions as you let yourself in. Although nestled in a small space, the outdoor garden is so peaceful that it will make you forget that there is a busy road situated just outside the store. 

Koh Kaine’s elaborate collections are inspired by the 50s and 60s, a time of boundless boom in fashion. Here, fabrics such as linen, cotton and silk are hand-loomed in their own atelier in Sana Gaon and transformed into a unique line of fashion. The tranquil interior allows you to look through their collections in leisure, all the while admiring each piece as though it was a work of art displayed in a gallery. Strolling through the store with its simple decorations and subtle lighting is almost therapeutic. 
Koh Kaine is not just a privy fashion store; it is a much welcomed break from the hustle and bustle of the city. A peaceful ambience filled with wondrous artifacts, it makes you wish it could be your own little secret: a place that only you know of, where you come to escape the reality of a loud city life and cherish a fashion wonderland.