Awakening the spirit through art

Art Issue 139 Jun, 2013
Text by Isha Gharti / Photo: ECS Media

To understand life in its totality, the body, mind and spirit has to have a common language. Samyack, Shyam and Sundar try to unravel this secret in their recent three men painting exhibition.

Art has become very sophisticated and complicated in present times, but in their recent exhibition titled “Threefold”, three artists – Shyam Maharjan, Samyack Manadhar and Sundar Lama showcase works of simplicity that talk of the very basics of life. Asked about the reason behind the title, the youngest among the three, Samyack replied, “In Buddhism, threefold refers to the body, mind and spirit. In all our paintings there are elements that generate a sense of harmony or a search for harmony between the body, mind and spirit. Threefold also refers to the material, mental and spiritual aspects of life. Our paintings depict these aspects of our individual lives through our individual stories. Hence the title.”

The body craves for physical attention and is lustful, then there is the mind that is always dependent on something and the spirit that is free of all. Seemingly, we understand the body, the mind and then the spirit. However, the spirit is the thread that combines it all and connects the combination with its surroundings. From this definition, art for the three artists is the spirit that they are trying to conceive.

These artists, Samyack, Shyama and Sundar, have been friends for the longest time, have had similar schooling in art and also started their artistic careers around the same time. However, they have worked hard on creating their individual styles which is clear in the choice of motifs, colors, strokes and inspiration the three have employed to a common theme. “Life has to reflect material accomplishment besides the intangible; this is why I paint what I regularly see,” says Sundar when asked about his art. Samyack says that even when thinking of the spirit, it brings openness in his mind. This is the same openness that he tries to bring to his work. For Shyam it is necessary to understand one’s act to make one’s presence felt. He believes that this presence comes out effortlessly through his art.

All of them have been active in participating in various workshops and exhibitions. Sundar and Shyam have both held solo exhibitions whereas Samyack is waiting for the “right time”. These talented young artists have been encouraged by the appreciation they have received from the general audience. “It is amazing what people take from your art. Your stories relate to their stories and takes a life of its own. Art truly is a universal language in that respect” shares the often reclusive Shyam.