Time for some Nepali Coffee

5 Things to Do


Bhogate Sandheko

Bhogate Sandheko is usually the most talked about item for all foodies at this time of the year. Bhogate is called Pomelo (Chinese grapefruit) in English and is used in Nepal during Mha Puja and Bhai Tika. The preparation of sandheko bhogate varies from family to family. However, there is one thing common for all families: they all gather in the sunniest part of the house, usually the top open floor (kausi) or the sunny part of the garden or porch area, on a warm sunny day to consume this tangy, sweet, and spicy delicacy. So, what are you waiting for? Go tell your mother to make you some and devour it with a big smile on your face.

Little Things KTM

If you are someone who isn’t good with words, then Little Things KTM has your back! Say what you need to say with their witty ‘Nepanglish’’ cards, mugs, totebags, and more. They are perfect to lift up someone’s days, and also perfect to gift someone on their special day. Spread the local project and “Made is Nepal” products by giving your loved ones some of the little things from their store.

View on a Vintage Vespa

A group of five people who were born outside Kathmandu, but who call it their home, started a project because they wanted to do something fun. They share love and invite people to experience places around the valley. Being lucky enough to work in tourism, people might think that they already do cool stuff and that it’s just a bit greedy to want more. So, what do they actually do? They tour the valley and show you all the things to see in Kathmandu, from food discovery tours and culinary classes to experiencing village life. And, best of all, you’re transported on vintage Vespas. What’s not to love?

Royal Road trip to Mustang

Royal Enfield guides tours to the most stunning valleys of Mustang, with spectacular mountain views and ethnic cultures of Nepal. They start their ride from Pokhara, which is nestled in the lap of the Annapurna mountain range. Then comes the ride through the scenic countryside that hits the dirt road built recently along the most popular Annapurna trekking trail, before finally arriving at Tatopani (hot springs). Relax at the natural hot spring while soaking your sore back and enjoying chilled beer in the pond.

Time for some Nepali Coffee

Until recently, all coffee was assumed to be from Nescafe jars. However, in just a few decades, Nepal is not only producing and selling fine quality coffee, but also accepting it as a lifestyle change from the more popular tea. One product that has helped in this change is Himalayan Arabica. It is not only brewing in Nepal, but also in the international market. It is the first brand from Nepal to flourish in the specialty market and to have achieved an international award, and is well on its way to truly becoming the Jewel of Asian Coffee!