5 things to do in Kirtipur

Text by Abhilasha Subedi / Photo: Dipson Pradhan

1. Jholungepul

The nearest jholungepul(suspension bridge) from Kathmandu city is the Tinthana Bridge in Kirtipur, which is about 10 minutes’ walk from Nayabazar. As you step foot on the jholungepul, you will notice that it is situated above a very deep gorge below which the Balkhukhola flows. If you are someone with a weak heart, then prepare yourself, because your spine is going to feel the chills.  Crossing the jholungepul will be a frightening, yet memorable moment, when you are in Kirtipur.

2. The view of Kirtipur

As soon as you pass the TU premises and get your first glance of Kirtipur, you will realize that it has a Rio de Janeiro-like look, with houses stacked on top of each other on a slanted hill. From the Kirtipur Gate, you will notice how large the city is, and see many colorful buildings that appear as if they are standing atop each other. The best time to see this view of the Kirtipur city is near sunset or at night.

3. BaghBhairab Temple

With magnificent architecture, standing tall in Kirtipur, and overlooking the whole city, the BaghBhairab Temple is Kirtipur’s pride: a three-storied pagoda style temple with history going back more than a hundred years. It is made out of old bricks and wood carvings that display different deities. As the name says, this temple contains Lord BaghBhairab, and there’s a whole different story to how he was contained in this temple.

4. Kathmandu Valley view

Enjoy the view of Kathmandu Valley from either the BaghBhairab Temple, or the Uma Maheshwari Temple, inKirtipur. When you look at the wide view of the valley, you get a relaxed feeling and forget all your stress. If luck is on your side, get ready to be amazed, because you might be able to see the mountains surrounding the valley, and that view is undoubtedly gorgeous. 

5. Newari Food

For all those foodies out there, when at Kirtipur, you shouldn’t miss out on Newari food. You will get a chance to be one with the Newari culture and enjoy their delicacies. Here, you will find Newari cuisine at its best, cooked by people who have been preparing them for generations and have learned all the secrets. Choila, bara, chatamari, jilajankaula, samaybaji, yomari, aila, chyang, and many more tasty varieties can be found in Kirtipur; the taste and flavor of the local food here can be found nowhere else.